Wedding Fashion

Whether you are the bride-to-be or merely a guest at the affair, if you hate dresses then you are likely stressing about what you are going to wear.  But, let us stop you there.  After all, this is, perhaps, the very best era for those who don’t like to be dolled up in dresses.  Why do we say that?  There are so many fashion trends taking place right at this moment, which make it easy-peasy to impress without wearing a dress.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, it occurs to most of us that the online shopping phenomenon has really exploded.  If you ask around, you are likely to find that a large proportion of the people you know did the majority of their holiday shopping on the web this year.  And, that certainly is not a trend limited to your area.  It is something seen throughout the country.  So, with so many items being purchased online, it should be safe to buy your wedding dress in the same manner, right?

The outdoors provide a lot of advantages for a wedding. You get natural beauty and sweeping vistas in which to speak your vows. You get space for your wedding party and there's no need to deal with city traffic or parking headaches. There is a headache for those wearing high heels to an outdoor wedding, however. It's the sinking feeling when you realize that those sharp heels have suddenly become stuck in soft ground. There's nothing worse for your wedding party than a bridesmaid becoming bogged down like a Jeep and having to decide between ditching her shoes entirely or standing there helplessly. No one wants to derail a ceremony like that, and there are a few good, sensible options for avoiding it.

After months of planning, your wedding has come and gone.  The memories will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  But now that you are back from the honeymoon and falling back into a normal rhythm of day-to-day life, you are likely wondering what you are going to do with the wedding dress. These gowns are generally very costly, and if you are like many women, you will have it professional cleaned, stash it in a garment bag, and tuck it away in the back of your closet.  While this is the most common way of handling a gown after a wedding, there are many modern women who have decided that they want the dress to do double duty, instead of collecting dust.

When a young woman imagines her wedding day, she generally pictures herself in a gown of white, walking slowly and gracefully toward the person who has captured her heart.  What she most certainly doesn’t picture is tripping and falling halfway down the aisle.  It has happened, though, and it is likely to be a shared fate if brides do not choose their wedding shoes wisely.  And, this selection is not just about preventing trips and falls during the ceremony.  It is important that brides consider the impact of dancing the night away in uncomfortable shoes.

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