Wedding Fashion

Fortunately, for the past month, in most areas of the country, the warmth of summer has held on.  This has provided some very nice, if not overly hot wedding days this fall.  That, though, will ultimately come to an end in many areas, as the cooler winds blow.  Autumn weddings are gorgeous, particularly near Lake Tahoe, but it can be a challenge choosing attire, because of the widely varying temperatures.  The trends, at the moment, though, can be very accommodating, providing the option to mix and match the day of the big event.

As a bride, on the biggest day of your life, you are undoubtedly going to do everything possible to prevent stains on your gorgeous gown.  However, accidents do happen, and sometimes you simply aren’t in control of them.  An uncle coming to offer a last-minute hug may spill a drip of his drink.  An aunt offering her congratulations could get a bit of lipstick on your veil.  Whatever the cause, it is important that you not panic, but do take immediate action to correct the problem.  Over the years, wedding experts have developed many proven methods of removing stains.  Some of the most common are listed below.

If you are planning your wedding and the dress that you have selected has no straps, then you are undoubtedly a bit worried about having it slip throughout the evening.  While strapless dresses are gorgeous and beautifully showcase toned shoulders, they can be a nuisance when they don’t fit just right.  Even when they do fit well, they have the tendency to move around a bit and make us nervous enough to tug on them several times throughout an evening.  That is not a picture you want the photographer capturing.  So, how do you avoid it?

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