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12 Must-Haves For The Romantic & Coziest Lake Tahoe Winter Wedding

A snowy wedding is the one that is the best thing to add to your life’s bucket list while you choose a wedding date in winter can sound like a chilling affair. It is well-worth to derive the complete benefits of nature’s beauty in winters associated with a few minutes of braving the weather elements. Here are a few things that are must-haves to plan a Lake Tahoe winter wedding.

  1. A well-arrayed fireplace


Nothing can be cozier enough than a stunning fireplace that is accentuated with your wedding décor, holiday décor, or your family photos! You can simply gather around the crackling of fire with your family and friends along with your better-half when here in Tahoe. You can even style it out with décor and mementos; that would mean a lot to you! In either way, the fireplace would be the ideal focal point for a winter wedding. You can embrace the picture-perfect warmth and coziness of the wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, rooming an amazing fireplace!


  1. Add some twinkle lights


You can simply plan out a fairy-tale winter wedding here in Lake Tahoe by putting up several twinkle lights. Easily decorate your ceremony lights, even your venue’s bathroom, and your reception. You never have to go to the lengths of creating the magical Tahoe winter wedding as you get to this point. All your guests will be stunned by the beauty of the surroundings making your wedding bright and magical. You can easily imagine the beauty of the bride overpowering the room while dancing under the millions of these lights!


  1. Coziness & comfort of your wedding attire


You will get a great excuse to wear a cozy sweater or a coat with your wedding attire since this celebration will happen at a Lake Tahoe wedding during the winter months of the year. Why not deck up in a white fur coat during your wedding ceremony for capitalizing on your theme of a winter wonderland or even save the sweaters and coats for the romantic and close-up photos!


  1. Hot beverages


Serving your guests with seasonal and warm beverages is the other way in which you can keep your guests warm and cozy during the winter wedding time here in Lake Tahoe. Why not think of the hot buttered rum, mulled wine, tea, hot chocolate that can warm up your guests. It would be amazing during the cocktail hours prior to your reception or even a sweet treat following the dinner. You can surely put up a warm smile on your guest’s faces whenever you decide on serving them warm drinks.


  1. Embrace the nature outdoors


There are a few happy couples who are brave enough in terms of facing the elements and chill out when the temperature drops. Year-round weddings are now being offered by some of the best and amazing Lake Tahoe weddings venues. There are still plenty of manners in which you can bring in the outdoors if you are not looking forward to holding the ceremony outside. 


Give the ceremony the vibes of the outdoors by being creative with the decorations. Snow-covered plants, birch tree branches, and greenery hung above would surely bring in the exterior vibes without being miserable under the low temperatures.


  1. Use Wraps & blankets


One of the best things that you can do is to offer your guests the blankets if you are embracing Lake Tahoe’s cold and plan on arranging your ceremony outside with a plan of a cozy and cute outdoor wedding. You can surely make all your guests remember your D-Day when you offer a handful of blankets to your guests for sharing all night, or you can even check out the two boxes all at once.


  1. Winter Flower Arrangements


You can gain a lot of benefits from the different and beautiful foliage that grows in the colder months is something you should have in mind while planning a winter wedding. Check out the trees around you to incorporate them into your flower arrangement. You simply have to get creative with the foliage around you as they make up the best of the centerpieces on tables!


  1. Winter Colors


The winter weddings open you up to get creative with the wedding color scheme along with playing with the winter tones. Select your wedding dress that can stand out against the white from the snow by selecting the colors that are nontraditional such as blue or grey. The ideal chance for incorporating this unique set of colors into the dress of your bridesmaid, your cake, and even the table décor is by selecting the natural darker lights of the winter.


  1. Aesthetics of Winter Wonderland


Hug onto the aesthetics of the winter wonderland if you are planning out a winter wedding at Lake Tahoe and make them your own. Start off by selecting the toned down and soft color palettes that would involve the grays, off-whites, and light blues. You can then personalize the feel and look with the use of these colors throughout the venue for a wedding.


  1. Après Ski Parties


You can simply embrace the aesthetics of the après ski on your D-day, whether you are hitting the slopes or not during the festivities of your winter wedding. People can eventually connect and share together after a busy day through the après ski tradition. So, you need to create the sense of the community incorporating it into your wedding with some of the essentials of the après ski, including great drinks, amazing appetizers as well as cozy vibes.


  1. Snow!


Being a snow lover, why not incorporate it the way you can do for your wedding day if you have a Lake Tahoe winter wedding? Make sure to take the first look photos out in the fresh layer of snow or even meet with your wedding party for a few of the photos outside if the weather is a lot when you are having your ceremony outside.


  1. Extend your stay


You can simply extend your stay here in Lake Tahoe to savor the time together as the newlyweds and not have a rush to head back home after your wedding. There are several options for the lodge here in Lake Tahoe, and pamper your partner after this big event of your life! You can head on to book a spa service, go snowboarding or skiing, or even stay in and enjoy your post-wedding intimate time!


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