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The Wedding Spell Of Lake Tahoe.

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“The Lake burst upon us — a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the sea, and walled in by a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks that towered aloft full three thousand feet higher still! It was a vast oval, and one would have to use up eighty or a hundred good miles in traveling around it. As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                – Mark Twain

Lake Tahoe is known to be one of the most picturesque settings in this world. Writers such as Twain speak highly about the virtues this certain lake imposes, photographers are in awe of its beauty; a lovers’ paradise for holy union, Lake Tahoe is the best of the lot. So, if you’re looking for a magical wedding venue, Lake Tahoe is the answer to all your troubles. 

At High Mountain Weddings, our packages include some of the most aesthetically pleasing venues to choose from. The best part about Lake Tahoe is that there are different scenarios to wed in, and yet all of them are just as splendid as the other. If you’re looking for a mountain wedding, you’ve got it. If you’re looking for an open ground wedding, you’ve got it. If you wish your fairytale’s happy ending to take place on the shore as the waves serenade your union, you’ve got it! No more running around to find new venues when you have the most classic and stylish of them all. Besides, you can enjoy different settings for different ceremonies. 

At our website, you can browse through our clientele’s best moments captured by the best Lake Tahoe wedding photographers that we surely pride ourselves on. There won’t be a moment dull with such views and immaculate vibes. One may wonder why South Lake Tahoe weddings are regarded so highly when you could just choose any other viable venue for a wedding. There are a few factors and services that Lake Tahoe boasts of, and today, we shall discuss of what may come of it: 


A Seasonal Wedding? 


One of the greatest fears that people have about marriage is a sudden change in weather. Imagine you have the great outdoors booked at a magnificent location and just as you begin to enjoy your wedding while walking down the aisle, it starts pouring. The risk of something like that happening is always present. But not with Lake Tahoe. With the blessings of Eros and Aphrodite, Lake Tahoe has magically been able to favor unions of souls with breathtaking, uninterrupted weather conditions. 


The Different Forms Of Tahoe Weddings: 


As Twain describes Tahoe in his books, “ a noble sheet of blue water”, “ a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks”, “eighty or hundred of good miles”,  Lake Tahoe as a venue possesses the beauty of different sceneries in one geographical location. Enjoy the serene views of Sierra Nevada with the A list nightlife and hotels. Whether it’s California or Nevada, High Mountain Weddings offers weddings in both locations with a beautiful lake backdrop. For an intimate wedding affair, choose Emerald Bay with a setting of 25 guests. For an enchanted wedding on the pristine beaches, opt for one out of Lakeside Beach, Regan park, or Sand Harbor with a capacity of 100 guests. Logan Shoals can be your luxe wedding venue, should you choose Nevada for a small, tight-knit group of guests. You name it, fall weddings, summer weddings, and winter weddings, and we are ready to make it happen at High Mountain Weddings


The Infamous Lake Tahoe Elopement


It is true that a wedding with all your nearest and dearest is bound to be a successful and memorable one. Many look forward to a wedding with a long list of guests, numerous ceremonies, and a lifetime of memories. But that is not what might be everyone’s preference. Elopement weddings have now gained momentum. Imagine being wed at the Lake Tahoe wedding chapel without a swarm of relatives from both families watching you at every moment. It is your big day and you have the right to make it all about you. Yes, wedding dramas are fun to talk about once holy matrimony has passed but for the bride and groom, at the wedding, these things can be stressful. Not to mention the huge sum of money that will be saved by opting for an elopement. Perhaps that sum would turn your honeymoon into a much better affair. You can avoid the planning stress, the tension of whom to call and whom to not. At High Mountain Weddings, we take special care of our elopement couples. We make sure that you receive everything you ask for, we also provide luxury limousine service, an ordained minister, your favorite flower arrangements, and many such things! 


Adventure Elopements 


You can also opt for adventure elopements at High Mountain Weddings. You can go boating, skiing, or on a hike. It is perfect for couples who wish to do something out of the box as they get hitched. If you are a couple who loves to go hiking or boating, you can enjoy the amenities that Lake Tahoe has to offer its visitors in collaboration with our services! 

Whether you’re planning a South Lake Tahoe wedding elopement or a lux wedding at wherever your heart desires. We love Love and would be honored to serve you on your big day and help create memories that will be cherished for years to come!

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