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Thinking Of Eloping To South Lake Tahoe? We’re Here To Help You!

Your first thought might be ‘eloping’? Is that really possible? Is it possible to get rid of all the family drama and unnecessary kickbacks and get married with just your spouse? If this thought brings any sort of peace to you, then you are reading the right article. The right article has finally found you! Elopement first meant running away from your friends and family to get married. Eloping was the only option when your family members or society did not accept two people as lovers. But, the definition has changed over time. 

Now, elopement weddings give you the chance to run away from all your relatives and get married in peace, without any drama! It has a lot of benefits, namely – saving up on money, reducing the carbon footprint of your marriage, avoiding any drama, not feeling that the day is just for you, and so much more! 

Would other venues serve as much beauty as South Lake Tahoe? As one of the world’s most famous wedding venues, we, at High Mountain Weddings, provide the perfect package for South Lake Tahoe weddings as elopement. The best part about Lake Tahoe is that you get to choose your backdrop. What have you always dreamed of? Getting married with a mountain range in the background? At the beach, as you hear your spouse take his vows while the sound of the waves serenades you in holy matrimony? Or with just greenery around you? Whatever your vision is, Lake Tahoe has it. 

We have compiled a list of benefits that you can avail under our elopement package: 


Are you a fan of all these fun, posh Hollywood movies where you’re sipping on your favorite champagne as you arrive at the venue? Feeling like Carrie Bradsaw about to make her big entry? As the winner of the best Lake Tahoe wedding service provider, we take utmost care of our guests and drive them to their location in style. Avail a pampered two-hour ride in our Lincoln Town Car. The car features HDTV, bar, and all the amenities you’d imagine in a limousine. With a capacity of persons, the limo can drop you and return back to your hotel! 

Professional Wedding Photography: 

We’re not going to lie, our website flaunts a series of beautiful photos with many lovers making history. Whether it’s on the pristine beaches, on a cliff with some peaks around, or just on an open flawless ground covered with a carpet of green. All these photos are clicked by High Wedding Mountain’s in-house photographer. With great talent comes great responsibility and we do not disappoint. People’s Magazine vouches for the budding talent at High Mountain Weddings and have featured our star photographers! With a minimum of eighty digital photographs, you can make the most enchanted memories. 

Finding The Right Team For Your Elopement: 

Only two people may be involved in this affair but it takes a team to serenade this journey and turn it into a successful marriage. From wedding venues at Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe wedding chapels, Emerald Bay weddings, Lakeside beach weddings, etc – we have everything covered. Our packages will not leave a stone unturned in the name of your love and we are just as passionate about love as the bride and groom! Our team will make sure that you have everything at the snap of your fingers on your wedding day and there’s nothing that will make you cry and ruin your makeup. We will help you select venues and suggest the better ones according to your preference, if you ever need a hand with last-minute rentals of any sort; we’ll be there. Our aim is to make this day your fairy tale with the perfect happy ending! 


You don’t have to worry about finding a minister at these remote locations and fretting about how you will get them there? We provide an in-house minister who officiates all ceremonies. Since we’ve got this covered, you do not have to worry about who will officiate your marriage? Will you have to bring a friend along and have them ordained on some random website? None of that. All you need to do is relax and come up with some spicy vows that will make your better half tear up! 


Popping a champagne bottle marks the beginning of something special and something big! Our package includes a bottle of quality bubbly to celebrate your union. And just like in the movies, you will see two elegant champagne glasses with red ribbons marking the beginning of a great celebration! 

Hand-Lettered Keepsake Certificate: 

We provide cute certificates as a keepsake for your marriage. This can serve as a memory of taking a step with us and we are glad to be a part of your love story!

As one of the best Tahoe wedding providers, High Mountain Weddings have earned a reputation for classy, stress-free wedding packages and services. Our team does not differentiate in terms of love or gender and is ecstatic to be a part of your grand celebration. South Lake Tahoe Weddings often seem to radiate a flair for the dramatic and that is what makes it one of the best wedding venues on this planet! We ensure a service that will have you disconnect from all the problems in this world and keep you excited and energized for your big day. Our team will be available throughout to make sure that there are no hindrances. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Get in touch with us to know more about our packages and the benefits that come with them! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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