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Reasons To Elope With Your Better Half .

This might just be the first time you’re hearing about this. If you are someone who is dreading your own wedding in terms of having to attend to guests, going for menu tastings, looking for interiors and references for the wedding decorations, having to travel to destination venues, and a hundred thousand things that come with it, then eloping with your better half might just be the best secret you might unravel today.
No, this is not the same as eloping because you can’t be together under particular circumstances. This is a planned escape to help you live one of the best days of your life to the fullest, avoid wedding stressget away from all the wedding drama, and create some beautiful memories. You can choose an amazing location, get officiated with great scenery, on beautiful cliffs, right near the water where the shore draws a line, your options are endless. You can be a little impulsive and surprise yourself and everyone with how intimate this day can be. After all, no one deserves to enjoy it as much as you and your partner!
South Lake Tahoe can be the perfect destination for a party of two as such! Lake Tahoe’s biggest advantage is that you get all the aesthetic views in one location, which makes South Lake Tahoe Weddings one of the most famous destination weddings on this planet. From cliffs to beaches, to mountains, everything is doable. We at High Mountain Weddings will make sure that you have everything you need, from rentals, the officiator, the photographer, and everything that you can think of.

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Reasons For Wedding Couples To Elope: 

Escape The Stress: 

 Wedding day stress comes in several different and unwanted ways. Everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should plan your own wedding. The number one priority of a couple is to plan this day, according to them and the biggest put-off can be your family and relatives throwing unsolicited advice your way. It starts feeling like your big day comes with a lot of rules just because of how other people, like your parents or your relatives, planned their wedding. That’s absolutely not the case, you’d rather save that money and make your own rules if the societal pressure doesn’t matter to you!

Save Money:

The biggest reason to consider eloping is saving a good amount of money. You’re not going to be paying for the venue, the caterers, a thousand different things for taking care of your guests. You’d rather choose this and use all of that money to enjoy a luxurious honeymoon! The best part is you still won’t compromise on the location of your wedding, you just won’t pay for everyone!


We all know how difficult it can get with the entire bloodline of both the parties present at one place, all eyes on you and your partner. It can definitely be scary. You are deprived of the sense of intimacy at your own wedding, you might feel that you can’t be yourself, or act the way you normally would around your better half because you know there’s someone watching at all times.

Avoid Any Wedding Day Drama: 

We all have relatives who can be very difficult and sometimes very very embarrassing. That one single sunt trying to hit on everyone, Uncle Sam getting too turnt for a wedding and blurting out toasts nobody asked for, the bride’s sister who wants all eyes on her, and the list goes on and on and on. Just elope. Simple. Get rid of all of this. Enjoy seeing all these people awestruck once they get to know what you did for your wedding!

Amazing Wedding Photos: 

Wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of holy matrimony these days. Everyone wants a photo with the bride and groom, the bride and groom are tired of smiling and now have facial pain. Facial pain? It sounds so painful, imagine actually going through it. Escape all of this with a personal wedding, You will have the chance to try different things when it comes to photos and explore new things.

Reduce Footprint Philosophy: 

A big wedding generates a huge amount of garbage. No matter how hard you try to avoid products that are non-recyclable or not sustainable, a few products here and there will end up being toxic materials as there are unplanned requirements. Even from the things that are planned, it is not easy to keep a check on everything while hosting a big wedding. Some things are such that finding a sustainable replacement for them might be difficult or not possible because of various constraints. You end up saving a lot of money and guilt if you decide on eloping.
For all these reasons stated above, eloping cannot even give you good benefits, but also give you your happy ending, just like in your favorite rom-coms. Just you and your lover, not a care in the world. Tahoe weddings are perfect for a mission like this. Choose your backdrop and leave the rest to us. We’ve got everything covered! At High Mountain Weddings, we make sure that everything is covered for you, A-Z. From wedding formalities to the officiator, the photographer, hair and makeup, your limousine moment, everything is taken care of. We love Love! Visit our website Highmountainweddings.com/ to look at packages and know more!
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