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South Lake Tahoe Weddings: Put a Pin On It!

If you’ve finally put a ring on it, it’s time to decide a destination and put a pin on it. Deciding your wedding venue is the first thing that pops into your mind after the magical question has been popped. It can be stressful to decide where to take your vows and mark the beginning of your magical journey together. A magical journey insists on an enchanted venue for a remarkable experience, for an event that will be embedded into your memory as one of the best days of your life. Making the best decision of your life calls for you to wed at the best of the best locations. 

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Where will we get married? What season should it be? Do we want to tie the knot next to beautiful waves overlapping each other or with the mountains in the backdrop to celebrate the peak of our lives? Clothes, hair, and make-up, guests, rentals. If all this is already running through your mind, the answer to all your questions is Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe weddings are famously iconic for their views and feelings, but at High Mountain Weddings, we also take care of all intricacies that one has to deal with while planning a wedding. From wedding rentals to hair and makeup, guest accommodation and everything else that can worry you is on our list to take care of. We are obsessed with great weddings and making them an ethereal experience for everyone! 

Lake Tahoe wedding venues promise immaculate vibes with breathtaking views. It makes for the perfect wedding location with so many options to choose from. Lake Tahoe weddings are one of the best attractions on the globe because of their gift of the season. There will never be a day where you can’t do what you want to. High Mountain Weddings provides you with A to Z solutions for everything wedding. Our invaluable local knowledge will render you stress-free as we take everything into consideration, from providing a minister to a professional photographer to the marriage certificate. 

Our pristine mountain lake is known as one of the best wedding destinations. You can choose to tie the knot with an intimate ceremony at Emerald Bay. Logan Shoals boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as wedding destinations. For a dreamy beachside wedding with the sound of waves serenading your vows, Lakeside Beach is a perfect choice. If your guest list is long, opt for Regan Beach Park with premiere views of Lake Tahoe and make your day unforgettable. Apart from all these beautiful locations, there are a few reasons why Lake Tahoe weddings are such a big deal, providing the best of best memories for a lifetime. 

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Lake Tahoe for your big day: 

  • The views are obviously amazing. Lake Tahoe happens to be one of the most picturesque spots in this world. From wanting to get married at the beach, with mountains in the background, or indoors with lake views, Lake Tahoe can never disappoint. Getting married at the wedding chapel Lake Tahoe boasts is also a great idea with the most spectacular views. 
  • The romance never dies. Every inch of Lake Tahoe makes you fall in love. Staying away from your better half is going to be hard when all you want to do is hold their hand and stare away into the pictorial dream. This is why Lake Tahoe is perfect for lovebirds to spend their first few days.
  • Lake Tahoe also makes for an exceptional honeymoon destination. Parasailing, scuba diving, you’ve got it all. Everything is easily accessible. 
  • One of the most important things at weddings are the photos. You could not have a better location to be at. Whether you want photos at the beach, in the mountains, or in the forest, everything is accessible.No photographer will struggle to find an aesthetically pleasing background. Apart from that, High Mountain Weddings also provides excellent professional photographers to capture moments that will be your lifetime memories. 
  • Lake Tahoe is gifted with great weather all year. Summer and fall tend to be the wedding seasons in Lake Tahoe but that’s no reason to limit yourself. Winter can be a great time to wed at Tahoe while spring can be spectacular as it is the best time all year to travel to Lake Tahoe.
  • If you’re a nature lover, we don’t think we have much explaining to do. Just come on over and enjoy every aspect of nature. You could be riding the waves one day, hiking mountains the next day, and camping in the first to end your three-in-one nature trail. 
  • High Mountain Weddings have been in the wedding industry for over 20 years. We provide everything that you will possibly need. We can save your driving stress by providing a limousine. We can provide the wedding photographer, a makeup artist, suits on rent, wedding rentals, caterers, the minister, and all your flower arrangements. If there’s something missing, be rest assured we’ve got that covered for you too! 
  • South Lake Tahoe weddings are a fun getaway. It’s not just you will never forget this day but your loved ones will cherish it the most. There’s nothing better than an exceptional wedding in the family, spending days together and enjoying the events. 


Our passion is to make great weddings happen. We work around the clock to make everything happen, to give our clients what they deserve. High Mountain Weddings does not change its rules because of sexual orientation, we love Love and are ecstatic to celebrate your big day with you. Get in touch with us to plan the best day of your life from the comfort of your home!

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