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Mountain Wedding : Indulge In The Unique Experience

Is your wedding Pinterest board filled with mountain wedding inspirations? Well, our team at High Mountain Weddings can make that dream come true. Needless to say, your wedding has to be one of the most cherished moments of your life. This is why it is very important that you plan it according to so that you can look back and cherish your life’s most magical moments. While shortlisting a checklist for your dream wedding, the most crucial aspect you need to consider is that the location of the wedding. The location is what constitutes majorly in the success of any wedding. However, it might be a task to decide that perfect location which can be scenic as well as convenient to host a gala wedding at.

Blessed with the scenic beauty of Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe Weddings are one of the most ideal wedding settings which are bound to make your dream wedding come true. Ranging from wedding chapels, ministers, photographers, catering and classy yet luxe décor- Lake Tahoe wedding packages offer all of it what concludes a perfect wedding. The Location also has some great accommodation facilities where your guests can reside during your special day.

Plan the wedding of your dreams with our wedding package that has every element what you want your dream wedding to be. Most of the Lake Tahoe wedding packages include all the basic essentials for the perfect wedding. Flowers for the bride and groom, wedding photoshoot, transportation, music, food and a lot more is included in most of the wedding packages. For those couples who want to keep things quiet simple and wish to get hitched in front of just some close ones, Lake Tahoe is the perfect destination for them. You can get in touch with us to customize a package so that it suits your budget and requirement.

We will help you to design the wedding packages in a way that it reflects your personal style. You can either go for quite simple decoration or you could go for a fully decorated unique wedding decoration. The wedding packages totally depend on how much one is willing to spend. From basic packages to deluxe packages- one can choose whatever suits your requirements the best. Apart from enjoying the wedding, you could also plan some post-wedding arrangements at the lake. After the wedding is done, the evening would be perfect when ended with a bonfire and cocktails. You can also accommodate yourself for a mini-honeymoon after the rest of the guests leave.

Why should you choose Lake Tahoe?

Apart from weddings, Lake Tahoe is also a great spot for all-year-round activities. This is why it is best for couples who love adventures as it has a number of ski resorts as well. Lake Tahoe is fun in any weather be it summer or winter. There is always something to do there. The Nevada side of the lake is very happening and has some really fun stuff to do. From casinos to food that leaves you licking your fingers- Nevada has it all. Best sought after for its weddings and honeymoon, Lake Tahoe also has different aspects when it comes to thrill-seeking and adventures.

Another popular activity at the lake is hiking. Hiking becomes even more enjoyable due to the unparalleled scenic view around the lake. Eagle Rock is one of the most famous hiking spots. When you reach the top of the rock- it provides serene views of the valley. The rich blue waters of the lake will leave you awe-struck.

If you want to make your wedding truly unforgettable and unique. You can go for a bohemian, rustic, contemporary or a sophisticated wedding. Get in touch with us for details about Lake Tahoe Wedding Packages all Inclusive and let us help you give life to your dream wedding.

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