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Tips For A Bride: Getting Married On A High Mountain

Lake Tahoe Weddings – a concept that derives from the unmatched beauty of the location, continuing to be one for the books. The beauty of this destination is that it holds a different message, a different ambiance for every individual that visits. While it means a good vacation to one guest, it acts as the representation of love for another. 

The location is wonderful, however, it’s important to remember that everything beautiful comes at a cost and no, we don’t mean the cost of booking such a beautiful location for a wedding! Tahoe weddings need to be carried out with a set of precautions, especially for the bride. Since it is your big day, you need to take all possible measures to ensure that no problems occur throughout your wedding, be it for your guests or you. 


  1. Prepare for altitude sicknesses

High altitude sickness is a problem that’s going to arise no matter how prepared for it you might be. Being over the recommended sea level comes with a headache that makes you feel as heavy as you would after a hangover. Being dizzy and nauseous are common, too.

Thus, while planning a high altitude wedding it’s extremely important as the bride to take care of the guests and ensure that they feel comfortable at all times. Don’t forget that you can only take care of others when you’re fit and fine yourself. Arrange for the necessary medication and you’re good to go.

2. Hiring a local wedding planner is ideal

Even though you might convince yourself that you’ve managed to do as much research as required, you will never know about a particular location as well as a local would. Similarly, when it comes to planning a Lake Tahoe wedding, if you hire a local wedding planner, you’ll be able to avoid the potential pitfalls in your wedding plan. 

For example, a local wedding planner will be able to tell you the right place to stay during the wedding preparation process and the other risks that might be involved in the process. Since they are already aware, they’ll be able to carry out all the necessary precautions smoothly.

High Mountain Weddings is one such local planner near Lake Tahoe that can help you get an all-inclusive package for your wedding. For more detailed information on how they can help you carry out the wedding of your dreams, you can reach out to them on their website. 

3. If you can, keep it sober 

You might think we’re being prudish by asking you to stay sober during your wedding but we only do so with good intentions. High altitude locations cause you to get drunk much faster than you would at sea level. This means that it can be extremely difficult to stay in the right state of mind even after a single drink or two. 

Since you won’t necessarily be able to hold your alcohol, as the bride, we recommend you to stay sober during the wedding to avoid any sicknesses. If you want, you can even move the party back to the hotel, where everyone can get drunk to their heart’s extent and at the crux of safety. When the health and safety of both your guests and you are ensured, there will be nothing left to worry about!

As the bride, you might be holding heaps of stress about the Wedding Day. The day you get married is one for the books, after all. Educate yourself about the tips and tricks you can follow during the wedding and you’ll be able to ease up and truly enjoy yourself through the event. Don’t be afraid to let go of your anxiety!

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