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Top 4 Most Beautiful Lake Tahoe Wedding Locations + Fun Facts For Your Special Day!

Wait… do you hear that? The bells are ringing and the weather is quintessential – it’s wedding season! While the season is flourishing, the destinations for your Lake Tahoe wedding await your presence.

It’s only natural to want your wedding to be unique and unforgettable. After all, you’re going to be beginning a new adventure with the one you love; it simply makes sense to want it all to be an adequate representation of the love you hold for your significant other. To allow you to pursue this dream with a smile on your face, all of us at High Mountain Weddings have built a list of some of the finer locations in Lake Tahoe for your wedding day:

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed locations in all of Lake Tahoe. Resting in the southwest shore of Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay has been a favorite of savvy brides and grooms simply because it allows them to witness the best of both worlds.

Emerald Bay
While enjoying the view of a high mountain, our Emerald Bay wedding package allows you to access the Emerald Bay State Park, which gives you the lively touch of nature whilst protecting you from the aggressive winds of the mountains. Emerald Bay is ideal for those that want the view with the privacy of our hidden location.

Lakeside Beach

Have you ever considered having a beach wedding? Wondered what it would be like to have the sand in your feet as you walk down the aisle to your lover? What if we told you that we can help you take it all one step further?

At the Lakeside Beach of Lake Tahoe, you get the beauty of the beach with an added view of the mountains and true tranquility. As a privately owned beach, you get the privilege of complete privacy as you invite close ones for your wedding day, followed by the sunset of a lifetime.

Logan Shoals

Not many know about this hidden gem. Present on the Nevada shoreline, north of the famous Cave Rock of Highway 50, Logan Shoals is a wedding venue that will leave you with the sight of a scenic view of Lake Tahoe, whilst adding a hint of intimacy in your joyous occasion.

While Lakeside Beach allows you to enjoy the greenery and the beach, Logan Shoals allows you to enjoy the best view above the lake. This location is enjoyable all year long, we personally recommend holding a winter wedding in this stunning location!

Regan Beach Park

Want a beach wedding? Or a wedding in the park? What if we told you that you can have both? At the Regan Beach Park, you enjoy the soft touch of your feet in the grass as well as the sandy beach in its accompaniment.
Regan Beach Park
Located amid the Jeffrey Pine Forest, the Regan Beach Park is a recommended choice for couples that want to make the most of their location. With both the beach and the park to witness your vows, the Regan Beach Park can allow you to remember your wedding day as ‘one of a kind’!

But what is it about Lake Tahoe that sets it apart from the rest?

Lake Tahoe is a location that holds different meanings in the hearts of every individual that visits. While some might look at it as a summer getaway, the rest hold it close to their heart as the place where they said “I do” to the one they love.

Besides its sentimental stance, Lake Tahoe is one of the finest locations for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, as well as fishing and boating in the summer. Moreover, Lake is one of the deepest lakes in the United States, with a maximum depth of 1,645 ft.

Personally, one of our favourite fun facts about the lake is that it ages to be up to 2 million years old! Having lived through most of the changes of the earth, Lake Tahoe is considered to be amongst the top 20 oldest lakes in the world.

What gives Lake Tahoe the beautiful color of deep blue?

Lake Tahoe’s color has been a popular topic in the eyes of both tourists and locals. With a blue that’s capable of hypnotizing the viewer, many tend to ask – “What is it about Lake Tahoe that makes it so blue?”
While the earlier studies suggested that the colour of the Lake was so blue due to the clarity of the water, many scientists have now discovered that the water is as blue as it is due to the lack of algae in the waters. Unlike what most people believe, the more clear the water is, the less blue it seems to be. Interestingly enough, in the case of Lake Tahoe, the two seem to complement each other rather than put the other down.

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Lake Tahoe isn’t just a place of beauty. It’s a location that holds history, love, and adventure – all at the same time. With 4 beautiful destinations available for your special day, you can choose to elope in the destination that suits you best. Whether you want to be in touch with greenery or across the shore on the sandy beach, you can make it happen by contacting us now.

With more than 20 years of experience in wedding planning, our team at High Mountain Weddings has been working with some of the finest destinations in Lake Tahoe to ensure that you, your lover, and your guests can witness an experience unlike any other before.

If you’re ready to get started, you can call us up and know more about the packages that we have to offer for your special day. Contact us now!




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