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High Mountain Wedding- Making Your Dream Lake Tahoe Wedding Come True

The bond of love is the purest form of intimacy between two souls. The bond of love and togetherness is celebrated by reciting vows and promising to spend life together in happiness and sickness, calling it a wedding or a marriage. A wedding is an intimate affair for a couple. It is meant to be special to the bride, groom, and their families as well. It is not only the union of two lovers but also their families. It marks as one of the milestones in the journey of life. A beautiful milestone that is awaited for a long time.

South Lake Tahoe Wedding

We at, High Mountain Weddings understand how a wedding is special for a couple. How it is the first step towards a never-ending love and support that both of them provide to each other throughout the span of time. We make your day special and worth cherishing. We understand that for you it is one of the best days of your life, so we do the most possible to make it picture-perfect. Every detail, every preparation is taken care of at High Mountain Weddings. We provide the best breathtaking and scenic venues for your fairytale wedding. The first step to plan a wedding always starts with selecting the venue. The selection of a perfect venue is necessary as it is the canvas for the rest of the wedding. There are numerous beautiful venues that we have at your feet for selection. Out of those, South Lake Tahoe wedding venues are the best if you want a soothing and enchanting wedding. It is the epitome of simplicity, and yet it gives a classic touch to the entire function. South Lake Tahoe is one of the best choices a couple could opt to celebrate their togetherness of that very special day.

Amongst all the Tahoe wedding locations, Emerald Bay is truly magical, which feels unreal. Emerald Bay is surrounded by crystal blue waters which chimes on the love notes of the couple and the sweet smell of cedars, firs, and Jeffrey pine engulfs this majestic location into a cocoon of love and affection. Emerald Bay is a scenic location with aesthetic photographic qualities that will allow you to have the best wedding album. We at High Mountain Weddings feel privileged to obtain a license and insured to conduct a wedding at the most beautiful location. Emerald Bay is the perfect venue anyone can choose for a wedding because of the privacy it provides. It is a win-win in every scenario. Emerald Bay Weddings are those weddings which are remembered and cherished for a lifetime and more.

Other than venues we also provide other exceptional services. The D-day is made special for the couple in every possible way. We provide a wholesome wedding package which will save you cost as well as your precious time so that you can enjoy the whole affair with your near and dear ones in full merriment. We offer special Lake Tahoe Wedding packages which are filled with the best services and also reflect our affection towards the soon to be Husband and Wife.

Our package includes-

  • We provide a Limousine so that you can arrive in class on your special day. It gives you the necessary comfort and makes you feel all special.
  • An ordained minister to seal the deal.
  • Hand Lettered Keepsake Certificate
  • Music
  • Champagne
  • Fresh Flowers and Bouquets which smell like love.
  • Professional wedding photography to capture each moment of your special day so that you can always look back and cherish the best memories and relive it again with your special one.

We help you imagine the entire preparation in mind so that you will have a brief idea. What are you waiting for? If you are planning a Tahoe wedding, we ensure you will feel complete contentment with our services.


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