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Top 5 historic wedding venues that will never go out of style

Historic wedding venues have their charm. The everlasting essence of beauty and the ingrained significance of history makes a location unique in its way. Although there are a lot of locations such as South Lake Tahoe wedding venues that offer the same beauty, with a touch of historical value- a destination becomes timeless.

1.Lake Tahoe

Known for its amazing beauty and known for its emerald blue lake being surrounded by the majestic Nevada range, Lake Tahoe is not just a wonder of nature but also has some destinations that have historic significance. If you’re someone who loves luxury and likes historical places then there are a myriad of places where you can get hitched. Some of the most famous historic venues include Luxury pirate historic estate, historic lakefront estate, The mansion and a few others. If you’re planning your dream Lake Tahoe wedding, we can help you choose from some of the most surreal wedding destinations.

2. Ebell of Long Beach

Apart from the colorful Pride Parade, Long Beach is also known for The Ebell of Long Beach which is a former women’s club. With detailed archways, earthy-bricked walls and hand-stencilled ceilings, this beauty dates back to the early 1900s. If you are someone who loves old school weddings, the vibe of this place will serve you just right. Even with minimal decoration, this place has a charm that will leave all your wedding guests awestruck.

3. Alderbrook station

Do barn style weddings sweep you off your feet? Then this wedding venue is just a feather on the hat. With the calmness of the Columbia River and the essence of a countryside wedding, Alderbrook station is a warehouse constructed over wood pilings. You won’t find perfectly painted ceilings or expensive tiles but the rawness of this place is what makes it a gem. If you’re more into a lowkey wedding at a waterfront property with easy beach access, this place might be what you’re looking for.

4. The Bell Tower

Yet another ideal destination for old school wedding loves, The Bell Tower holds its grace for being one of the first churches built in Nashville. The Bell Tower wedding venue is known for plenty of natural light and an in-house bar that boasts more than 100 whiskey and scotch selections. If you fancy a classic church style- seated-wedding, this location offers you just the same.

Fun fact: the flooring at The Bell Tower is made from salvaged wood from the homes destroyed during the Civil war in 1874.

5. Marigny Opera House

Nurture your love for art and commemorate your wedding by tying the knot at Marigny Opera House. Opened in 1853, earlier this building was a church which was later converted into a performing art center. You’ll see heaps of French touch in its architectural intricacies. This place has soaring high ceilings which complement the antique look of this place, further enhanced by the fairy lights.

Things to remember while selecting a wedding venue

The guest list

There are a lot of places that have a guest limit. If you’re planning an intimate wedding then this should not be an issue. But if you plan on calling quite a few people, make sure that you‘re aware of the maximum capacity beforehand.


We suggest that you specify a budget and then start exploring your options. Once you know how much you will be spending, it is easier to shortlist the options that fall under your criteria.

The wedding theme

Do you want to go for a classic old school church wedding or do you want an outdoor lakeside wedding? Figure out your preferences before you start your hunt for the perfect wedding venue.

Weather conditions

You might love a venue to its core but is the weather ideal there during the time you plan to get married? You don’t want to plan an open wedding and get yourself and your guests drenched because of the rain.

We hope this blog helped you gain an insight into some of the most popular wedding destinations in the USA. If you’re planning a Lake Tahoe wedding, we can help you organize it at one of the most stunning places while you can sit back and relax!

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