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Destination Weddings: Are They Really More Affordable?

Would you ever guess a destination wedding could cost less than a traditional wedding in your hometown or at a nearby venue? Yes! You read that right. Destination weddings are becoming more popular than ever. It has become the new normal. Regardless of the pandemic, people are still going places to tie the knot with the love of their life (with adequate precaution, of course) And one of the reasons for the increase in the popularity of destination weddings is that they can be affordable when planned in the right manner. 

Anyone who has planned a traditional wedding knows that it can be an incredibly stressful task to plan and create one of the most memorable days of your life. 

Destination Wedding

Are Destination Weddings Worth It?

Destination weddings will help you make your wedding as special as your love story. 

For a “Pinterest perfect” wedding, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. Starting with things like narrowing a guest list, securing a venue, plan for the decorations, and a lot more. Then why not ditch all stress of planning and instead book Affordable Destination Weddings where you, your spouse, and all your loved ones can enjoy the ceremony amid stunning picturesque views? 

We recommend hiring wedding planners who can do all the back bending for you so that you can save time and energy. Along with affordable destination wedding locations, you don’t have to worry about all the arrangements, and instead, you can enjoy your special day. 

The average cost of the destination wedding is $20,000, which is far less than your conventional wedding. 

So now if you are wondering how destination weddings cost so much less than a traditional wedding, here are the reasons:

Group discounts

One of the prime reasons that destination weddings can be cheaper is that you get huge discounts on plenty of affordable wedding destinations. . Many resorts and locations recognize the popularity of destination weddings and are eager to get a piece of the action. Since the competition is high, most destination wedding venues will be affordable as they cannot miss out on customers just because they found a  better deal somewhere else


Ever dreamed of tying the knot near emerald blue waters, amid the majestic Nevada range?  Maybe in Emerald Bay or at Regan Beach? If this is your ideal fairytale wedding, Lake Tahoe weddings are just for you. You’ll have a lot of destination options near the lake itself and  Depending on the affordable destination wedding locations you choose, you can reduce your expense. 

Destination Weddings often have a smaller guest list

One of the largest influencers on any wedding budget is the size of the guest list. Destination weddings are more intimate weddings. And since many couples invite free guests to their destination wedding, whether they host a destination wedding purposely to ensure a smaller guest list or have to want to have a more intimate wedding- their overall wedding spend can often be less.

  1. Natural decoration

It is very obvious that for a Pinterest-perfect wedding, you need to have a pleasing and decorative venue. Couples often spend thousands of dollars on sought-after decorations in traditional weddings. You’ll need a ton of flowers and adornments to give the venue a certain look. 

Destination weddings, on the other hand, emphasize the natural beauty of the location and use that as decoration instead. By using picturesque affordable destination weddings location scenery as your backdrop, you will save a hefty amount on decoration. 

  1. Honeymoon included

Lots of people who choose to have a destination wedding extend their stay to include their honeymoon. Depending on your hotels or resorts, you can find packages that include your honeymoon. You can enjoy the bonus discounts on romantic packages.

Also, many resorts and hotels offer discounts on wedding packages if you choose to include a honeymoon package. This will lead to major savings. And if you are not up for the honeymoon package, you can also choose the location that is no less in offering you calm and peace.

What are the cheap destination wedding locations?

Lake Tahoe is a perfect place to have your dream wedding come true without breaking your bank. The beautiful Tahoe offers many splendid locations to couples who are looking forward to beginning their new journey in the most romantic way.

Here are the top few destinations that High Mountain Wedding suggests for your dream wedding:

  • Emerald Beach
  • Lakeside Beach
  • Logan Sholas
  • Regan Beach
In Conclusion

Despite the increase in modern-day wedding costs, you can still have the wedding of your dream by choosing affordable destination weddings. 

If you are looking forward to having a spectacular wedding, let High Mountain wedding make your dream come true. We suggest inexpensive destination weddings so that you don’t drain your energy in saving money and instead live every moment of your special day.

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