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6 Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in the World to Sweep You Right off Your Feet!

A marriage is a beautiful union of two people who have decided to spend their lives together. You want all your loved ones to join in the celebration and be a part of your joy. While you might have prepared the guest list, the wedding theme is decided and your bride and groom outfits must be ready, but what about the destination? You might have looked up for various luxurious wedding venues which makes it even more difficult for you to choose the one for you. The place where you decide to get married sets the tone of your wedding. Hence, it is important that you consider various aspects such as your preferences, budget, the number of guests coming etc. Amid all the wedding chaos, we thought we’d help you by listing out some of the most luxurious wedding venues that will help you reflect your ideal fairy tale wedding.

From tropical sunny beach wedding to royal king size weddings- whatever your ideal wedding is, you can make it happen. In this blog, our team has compiled a list of some of the dreamiest wedding destinations that will make your wedding even more memorable.

6 Most Luxurious Wedding Venues 2023

#1 Lake Tahoe, California

Blessed with crystal clear emerald blue waters, in the lap of the majestic Nevada mountain range- lies the iconic Lake Tahoe is known as one of the most stunning wedding locations. The sun-drenched sky and your feet in the sand- this place is ideal for couples who can’t pick one between beach and mountain weddings. Apart from the scenic views, this place has a lot of adventures to offer as well. So if you’re planning some entertainment for your guests, you will find enough options to choose from. You will also find some of the most stunning properties such as Grand Residences by Mariott and The Tahoe Lakeshore lodge & Spa; if you’re looking for an extended stay to make the most out of this nature’s masterpiece. The best part is that all your wedding photos are going to look like a canvas painting because of the surreal scenic views.

Lake Tahoe ,California

It is perfect for you if you…

Are a nature lover, enticed by blue water and crystal clear skies, are planning to have an intimate yet exquisite lake Tahoe wedding, then this destination is just for you.

#2 Musha Cay, Bahamas

The beauty of Musha Cay surpasses all expectations. This island is blessed with pink sand beaches and natural rocks, it provides a surreal backdrop for your wedding. The best part is that Musha Cay is just 90 minutes by air if you’re flying from Miami. With some of the best properties in the USA, Musha Cay is a tropical paradise for weddings. Take a stroll with your loved one on the 2-mile long sandbar right in the middle of the ocean.

musha cay bahamas

It is perfect for you if you…

Are looking for a luxury wedding ceremony with utmost privacy, amazing accommodation options and love to explore around and do things.

#2 Fiji

Step into the dream world of sapphire blue waves and pearl white sand that provides the most dreamy wedding setup. With a perfect frame of 3000 archipelagoes, Fiji is one of its kind wedding destination. This tropical oasis has so much to offer than what meets the eye. From palm trees bordered beaches to warm coral reefs, you won’t be able to get enough out of this exotic beachy escape. The beauty of this place will entice you to plan an extended honeymoon here itself soon after you get married!


It is perfect for you if you…

Love turquoise waters, panoramic ocean views and desire to get married in a tropical rainforest with 5-star accommodation services then a Fijian wedding could be your dream come true.

#3 Spain

Mediterranean beaches, stunning resorts and the best cocktails in the world- Spain screams fun and frolic wedding vibes. Whether you are a lover of art and architecture or you love coastal views- Spain is one of the most versatile destinations where you can choose what flair you wish to add to your special day. Barcelona is the perfect blend of contemporary and city vibes. Madrid on the other hand is blessed with lush green manicured gardens and provincial palaces. So once you’ve decided your wedding theme, pick a magical city for your wedding!


It is perfect for you if you…
Are looking for a versatile wedding destination where you can choose from towering castles, palaces, museums or resort to getting tanned by the beach as you say your wedding vows.

#4 Jodhpur

Known as the ‘blue city’ Jodhpur is the home to some of the world’s finest palaces and forts. Have yourself a king size wedding and experience royal luxury by planning a destination wedding at Jodhpur. Being one of the most expensive wedding venues in the world, the Umaid Bhavan Palace is one of the most sought after wedding venues. With unparalleled intricate architecture, breathtaking murals, and artistic decor- Umaid Bhavan has so much to offer. Jodhpur as a city is full of tourist attractions such as Mehrangarh Fort & Museum, Jaswant Thada, Kaylana Lake and much more- you can plan a sightseeing trip with your loved one and the guests after the wedding ceremony.

It is perfect for you if you…
Are looking for a wedding destination with historic significance, love the idea of towering castles and forts and want to indulge in a royal style wedding.


The colors blue and white, both representing the calmness of water and the peace. The unique color schemes, floral patios, cute windy alleys and cliffs with panoramic ocean views make it the dream destination for every couple. The best time to plan a wedding is from April until October. With blue domes in the backdrop and limestone walls will bring out the best in all your photographs. You can choose from various properties located which have rooftops that face the Aegean sea and crystal clear skies.


It is perfect for you if you…
Have longed for a wedding with panoramic sea views, would love to organize a little dance at the bars accessible from the beach and want to keep things minimalistic.

Are you planning a Lake Tahoe wedding?

Weddings can be a lot to manage. Starting with the perfect location and most beautiful scenery. If you are intrigued by the beauty of emerald blue waters of Lake Tahoe and the majestic Nevada range then Lake Tahoe is your perfect wedding destination. At High Mountain Weddings, we aim to bring your dream mountain wedding to a beautiful reality. Get in touch with us and we will help you make your D day even more memorable.

Spaina parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial powerMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


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