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Lake Tahoe Wedding Location: Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

When you get down on your knees and she says that magical ‘YES’ all you’ll hear is those wedding bells ringing. This is the right time to choose one of the best Lake Tahoe wedding locations and prepare for a wedding that you can adore all your life. Take your wedding on the road and make an experience that you will cherish forever at Lake Tahoe wedding locations with High Mountain Wedding! Whether your wedding takes place only a few hours from home or on another continent, planning is the secret to making your wedding a success. Here are our five tips that will keep you on schedule.


Before you finalize things and book the ideal resort, make sure you’ve taken all the budget items into account. Anything from plane tickets to wedding dresses needs to be considered before you can get an accurate view of the bottom line. Your wedding budget can easily exceed your predetermined costs as it can be easy to get tempted and amp things up even though it might be necessary. . Shop ahead for airline tickets, ask local hotels about group rates, and consider having a ceremony on a weekday other than Saturday, which could give you a discount. Sticking tight to your wedding budget can be more challenging as your wedding day approaches, so beware of last minute adjustments or additions


This may seem obvious, but selecting the venue for your wedding destination is the place to start. There are a number of things to remember. What’s your life like as a couple? If you’re outdoor and adventurous, a wedding destination in South Lake Tahoe can suit your style during the winter season. What time of year are you planning to be married? Tropical areas typically have a rainy season where the prices are lower, but the chances of a sun-drenched beach wedding are lower. The best months to host a wedding at a popular destination are also the best time for holiday visitors, so expect the prices to spike and the crowds to get bigger. Be sure to review the marriage license regulations at the venue you are considering. Many foreign countries have residency problems that you need to know in advance.

Special consideration for your guests

You have asked your wedding guests to spend a tremendous amount of time , money, and effort to be part of your wedding, and you need to make sure they are treated as guests. Take the time to set up an itinerary of regular activities, local attractions, discounts, restaurants and wedding-related events all in one book. As an extra gesture, you might build welcome baskets to leave your guest’s rooms with bottled water and snacks. Find out in advance which of your guests can have special needs, such as a wheelchair or special menu requests. Taking the time to show these courtesies to your guests goes a long way to making them feel included in your special day.


Even the most in control wedding couple can have a hard time planning every single aspect of their wedding destination. Distance makes small details more complicated, so this is one case where you absolutely need a wedding planner (and that’s where we come in). Ideally, you’ll be able to make a trip or two ahead of time to secure your location and vendors – and booking us to get the ball rolling!

Ready to schedule your Lake Tahoe wedding? Lake Tahoe is a magical place to start your future together. So now dial (530) 318 1722 today!

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