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Want to Dress Up like a Queen? Here Are Some Beachside Outfits

Celebrating the big day of your life on the beach can be a fairytale come true. The cool beach breeze, the calm vibe and the bohemian decor can easily be the ideal wedding setting for every one. If you’re all set for a beach wedding, one of the most crucial decisions that you’ll need to make ( apart from hiring expert wedding planners) is selecting the proper beach dress for your wedding. Your beach wedding dress should be two things- comfortable yet appealing. It is all about finding an outfit that blends with your personality and goes with the vibe of a beach-style wedding. There are a lot of material options for your beach dress. Starting with lightweight silk, chiffon, or lace of ideal fabrics.

Having planned commendable beach weddings so far, our team has a definite idea on what works and what fails. In this blog, we have laid down some of the best beach wedding dresses that will surely steal the show!.

Ludlow Gown by BHLDN

This BHLDN graphic lace gown features an open back and cap sleeves. This outfit is attention-grabbing be it at a beach or any Destination wedding spot.  The ivory/almond hue is suitable for all skin tones. Brides might love the sleek column silhouette. 

Ludlow Gown by BHLDN

Coral Dress by Halfpenny London

This beautiful piece is inspired by the outstanding beauty of the ocean and the city of Atlantis. This ultra-dress is rooted in modernity and features a carefree silhouette and open back shoulder tie straps. 

Coral Dress by Halfpenny London

Coco Gown by Grace Loves Lace

This is a shoulder dress that gives you a wedding gown idea for a destination wedding. The tiers of intricate lace give a distinct dimension and personality. The sultry silhouette is free and flowy that won’t stop you from dancing in the craziest way possible.  

Coco Gown by Grace Loves Lace

Rose Wedding Dress by Whistles

This is a timeless Bardot neckline. This A-line lace gown comes in shades like ivory. This summer wedding dress is attention-grabbing because of its craftwork like the boned bodice, raised front hemline which is made for frolicking on the sand. 

Rose Wedding Dress by Whistles

Ostro Sleeveless Wedding Dress by Pronovias

This V-neck gown is one of the most incredible summer wedding dresses.  This gown includes floral spaghetti straps and a lacy-illusion back that gives a beautiful look to your outfit. This outfit is suitable for all oceanfront events. 

Ostro Sleeveless Wedding Dress by Pronovias

Halsey Skirt by LoveShackFancy

This dress is inspired by the vintage look. The antique mesh and scalloped hemline blended together to give an epic look when worn.  

White by Vera Wang Textured Organza Wedding Dress 

This is an organza ballgown that stands on the top spot for a princess wedding. This wedding gown is comfortable, lightweight, and gives a royal feeling at a mega event. 

Factors to consider while choosing a wedding dress:


Light fabrics are ideal for beach weddings. These fabrics include organza, linen, chiffon, and also lace and cotton blends that are an excellent option in light fabrics. These help you remain cool under the sun and prevent you from sweating which in turn will protect your dress from sweat marks. 


Light and bright colors are the best to pick a beach wedding outfit. Consider the color palette and find the shade that complements your skin tone. Experimenting with some light floral print is also ideal for a beach wedding. 

Event type

There are some couples who expect their wedding to be formal or semi-formal. For such occasions consider the following types


Casual beach weddings are most common. For this, you do not need a specialized beach wedding dress, a simple sundress for women and a pair of khaki and linen shorts for men will do. These weddings are generally held during the daytime, so it is better to stay comfortable and enjoy the shore view. 


Formal weddings include an evening wedding ceremony followed by a reception which generally includes dancing, dining, and boozing. At such events, formal beach wedding dresses like floor-length gowns will do and for men a shirt with short sleeves is alright. 


A semi-formal beach wedding includes an evening ceremony followed by a reception. For such occasions, you can wear light clothing that keeps you warm during breezy evenings. Men’s beach attire can be khaki, linen, seersucker plants, or button-down sport coats. Whereas wedding gown ideas for women can be dresses made of materials like lace, chiffon, organza, and many gorgeous choices.  


Wedding shoes are important. Wear shoes that match the color of your outfit because they are more important than you think. For men, leather flip-flops and sandals are appropriate at casual beaches whereas women can wear gladiator sandals or ballet flats which will keep them comfortable and stylish at the same time. 


Accessories that complement the destination wedding outfit can be worn for such occasions. These could be earrings, bangles, a cross-body purse, or other jewelry pieces. One more addition could be the fancy hair clips or headscarf to make your outfit look more stylish. Just make sure not to overdo it. A lot of accessories can ruin your smartness.   


Nothing more annoying than hair flying and getting on your face or sticking on your lipstick. If your hairs are long, consider pinning them with a pretty clip or bobby pins. This will make you feel comfortable and help you keep up with the atmosphere of the place.  


Heavy makeup could be hard to maintain or the foundation might run or smudge out. If it is gonna be a long night, consider applying a spray, powder, or mascara. Natural makeup is also a good choice. It gives a soft and shining look which makes it perfect for a beach wedding 

What does a bride wear for a beach wedding?

The beach wedding attire should be more elevated opposite to a laid-back sundress or shorts. If you are unsure about your wedding outfit, research well on the internet for the most suitable beach wedding dresses. The time of the day also matters. Evenings tend to be more formal. The venue also plays an important role because a beach wedding resort will most probably require a formal outfit for an intimate gathering. In the end, just go with what makes you feel the most comfortable. 

Which outfits are suitable for an evening beach wedding?

  • If you are asked to wear formal attire, then a long elegant gown is the perfect fit 
  • If the dress code for the event is semi-formal attire, a short or tea-length dress will be comfortable because it won’t drag in the sand plus they transition beautifully in the reception venue. 
  • For a casual beach wedding, a Maxi dress is perfect. A maxi dress with loose-fitting around a bottom dress can easily sweep it across the sand and brush it clean for seaside reception. 

This is how you can embrace the outfit game and make the special day of your life memorable. As a popular proverb says ‘Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the girl’ Keep this in mind if you want to be remembered as a beautiful beachside bride. 

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