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Covid wedding ideas: Here’s How to Plan a Safe and Memorable Wedding

Needless to say, COVID has changed the way we function. From something as mediocre as stepping out to buy groceries to organizing a mega-event such as planning a wedding during the pandemic- COVID has changed the very essence of planning and executing every event of our lives. We’ve all become more cautious and mindful about our hygiene practices, have started maintaining social distance, and hosting events with minimum people. It is essential to jump on the bandwagon and make some tweaks here and there when it comes to hosting an event such as a wedding during the pandemic, as its very essence lies in socializing and being amid the people we love. Considering that we’re not completely out of the woods yet, there are so many precautions that we need to take. This is why we came up with quite a few Covid Wedding Ideas to help you figure out and plan things in a much better way.

wedding during the pandemic


Be mindful about choosing the venue

Make sure you think it through before you select a venue. Your covid wedding idea should revolve around the rules and regulations of your destination. Inquire about the Covid restrictions and regulations at your desired wedding location. Ask about the guest limit and what are the sanitization measures and other precautions that they have in place. We’d suggest you opt for an outdoor venue which would be much safer than a closed hall-style venue. This can be one of the best covid wedding ideas, if executed properly with the help of an expert outdoor wedding planning company.

Strategic seating arrangement

Social distancing is here to stay for good. While planning the seating arrangement for the ceremony. Ask your wedding planner to help your guests maintain their personal space and leave appropriate distance between two groups of families. It would be ideal to pair members from the same family together. Distance markings and signages can also be used to inform the guests about the seating arrangements.

Hire a wedding planner

We’re not saying this because we are one, but we’re saying this because this will make everything 10x easier. From the caterers, seating, decor to the necessary safety and sanitation measures, a professional team of wedding planners will handle it all for you. They’ll come up with creative wedding ideas, and your wedding will have a professional touch to it. Especially if you’re planning a destination wedding, a professional planner will know the ins and outs of that particular venue and they’ll be able to get better deals for you.

Play around with the catering

There are various catering options available which will suit your covid wedding idea. From food trucks to various buffets, you can ditch the conventional way of dining arrangements and go for something that is unique and will also serve the purpose of social distancing and safety. Don’t forget to add some standing cocktail bars too! With social distance markings and food trucks at a good distance from each other, this can be one of the most creative covid wedding ideas.

Cut down on guests

We know bigger is better but not in this case. It is ideal to keep your guest list concise and limited to your close ones. Embrace a smaller scale event and don’t go way overboard with the guest list. Downsizing your guest list doesn’t mean you’re raining in your own parade. It’ll help you to stay safer and reduce the risk of getting infected. Hence, it is best to celebrate your big day with just the first family and a few close friends.

Don’t forget to sanitize

Lastly, don’t forget to add pit stops where people can sanitize their hands. No matter how clean everything is, it is best to take extra precautions for your as well as your guests’ safety.

Final thoughts

Remember that your wedding during the pandemic is a celebration of the union with your loved one. It isn’t a show you’re putting on for society. Pay attention to the good parts, rather than cribbing about why you couldn’t celebrate it in a gala style. The essence lies in the real meaning behind getting married, not in the temporary fun while risking it all. Looking for creative wedding ideas for some micro wedding ideas, get in touch with us and we’ll help you plan the most perfect Lake Tahoe wedding with limited guests.

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