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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding in Lake Tahoe 2017

Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning, easier to arrange (because of South Lake Tahoe wedding venues
often have more openings, as do the various vendors), and a great deal of fun.  However, they do present a different sort of challenge when it comes to choosing wedding night attire.

In most cases, weddings require clothing more formal than what a person would wear on a normal day-to-day basis.  This is part of what makes the events so special.  In the summer, this often means strapless dresses, strappy heels, and sun-kissed skin.  Wintertime in Lake Tahoe will most definitely require a different approach.

Change up the Fabric You don’t have to give up the dress just because it’s winter.  You’ll simply have to switch up the fabrics selected.  Velvet, cotton, wool, and faux fur are winter-friendly and they can combine to create stunning Wedding Attire.

Swap out the Shoes, but Keep the Sexy While the strappy heels may be out, a sexy pair of high-heeled, knee-high boots can really make a big and beautiful impact in the winter.

Mix and Match Textures A gorgeous, full, and flowing skirt can be paired quite beautifully with a cable knit sweater in a coordinating hue.  Or, you might pair the same skirt with a sequined top and a fur vest.  The idea is simply to take advantage of the fact that this is the season for layering.  By combining textures, you can create very appealing outfits that are both wedding-friendly and warm-and-cozy.

Embrace Pattern Brocades, florals, and geometric prints really work well in the winter.  The right pattern can make the floor-length skirt and long-sleeve top just as sexy as the strapless summer dress.

Consider Hoods, Hats, and Hair Pieces Especially if you are going to be outdoors for the ceremony or for the wedding photos, you should consider how you can add a bit of glamour (and a lot of warmth) to your attire with the addition of a hooded cape or a well-selected hat.  These additions can really add intrigue to the pictures taken, and keep you from appearing blue and goosebumpy.

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