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What Will Wedding Dresses Look Like Next Year?

The 2018 fashion reports are now out, and we begin to get a look at what some of the wedding gown trends will be in the year to come.  This is an exciting time, especially for those women who will be walking down the aisle in the very near future.  If you are among them and want to dress to impress in 2018, then you may consider the following for your own Wedding Gown.

The Hooded Cape Gone (at least for now) are the days of the face-covering veils, but that doesn’t meant that the grooms won’t be ‘revealing’ their brides on the wedding day.  The hooded cape, also being referred to as the ‘princess cape’ is the new way to do the wedding veil and it allows for the romantic moment in which the groom pulls the hood back to show the beauty beneath.

Exposed Ankles If you want a playful look for your wedding next year, then you will love the new trend that is expected to take hold in 2018 – the mid-length wedding gown.  This allows those gorgeous stilettos to be seen, or for a prettily-patterned tight to be bared to the viewer’s eyes.  Yet, the fullness of the gowns is expected to maintain the formal appeal of traditional wedding gowns.

Pretty in Pink We’ve been seeing the strict dedication to white wedding gowns waning in recent years.  More and more often brides are choosing to infuse a little color or pattern in their gowns.  In 2018, we expect to see a lot of pink.  Pink, beige, and blush gowns were all the rage on the runways, and that trend is very likely to carry through to the wedding aisle as well.

Glitter, Glitz, and Glam Almost universally, from one designer’s show to the next, there was one consistency among the wedding gown designs – the inclusion of sparkle.  Glitter, shimmering fabric choices, or gauzy elements were seen extremely frequently.  The effect under the runway lights was stunning, but that, undoubtedly, would be nothing compared to the sparkle that would be achieved in natural sunlight.  So, get ready to dazzle your wedding attendants in 2018.

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