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Would You Sell Rights to Your Wedding for Sponsorship?

The couple is young, energetic and very familiar with the marketing process.  He got down on one knee to ask her to be his bride.  She said yes, and they started the hunt for the third partner in this unconventional wedding planning process.  It started with a silly hashtag, #lookingforaweddingsponsorship.  But, the joke turned into reality, as the two started to realize the cost of throwing their dream wedding. Now, they are willing to take the dream, even if it means having a giant logo on their dance floor and advertisements in their wedding programs.  Of course, most companies wouldn’t want anything to do with such a sponsorship, but these two lovebirds have a bit of experience under their belt.  One was a reporter, and the other works in the public relations department of a big company.  They believe that they understand what it takes to appeal to the marketing departments in this country.  So, they have set out to make their hashtag and their wedding a viral event.

Of course, several family members and friends have suggested that they are not in favor of the corporate wedding scheme.  Many value the traditional wedding ceremony and feel that this ploy robs the event of its life significance.  Nevertheless, the couple is determined to see their dream funded through sponsorship.

How would you feel?  Would you be willing to walk onto the dance floor to “And now, the first dance, brought to you by AJ Towing”?  Could you see logos on the table clothes covering the tables at your wedding reception?  We tend to believe that there are too many romantics in the world for this to become a trend, but times are changing.  So, we’d like to hear what you have to say on the topic.  Are you #ForCorporate or #ForTradition?

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