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2018 Expected Wedding Trends

The New Year has come and many couples are eagerly awaiting their wedding days.  This means that a lot of planning is already taking place for the ceremonies and receptions of 2018.  For that reason, there are many trends emerging. There is already evidence that 2018 weddings will feature an appreciation of nature, organic shapes, and an abundance of light.

The brides of 2018 are already showcasing an appreciation for nature.  Feathers, flowers, and living walls are expected to be big hits in the new year.  Expect arches covered in vines and blooms.  Expect sculpted bushes and bouquets of local blooms.  ‘All-organic’ may just be the term of the 2018 wedding season.

With an almost-Bohemian- or hippie feel, many brides are really embracing floral prints, loose and flowing fabrics, simple hairstyles, and back-to-nature centerpieces.  Dream catchers, crystals, and gemstones are expected to serve as inspiration for many brides as well.  Don’t be surprised to smell hints of essential oil in the air.

Nature is obviously the theme running throughout, but light will also be a big player in the Wedding plans for many brides.  Rather than the usual and expected, brides want to surprise guests with lighting in different forms.  Neon bulbs will likely be purchased by many brides this year, but also back-lit signs, draped lights over the dance floor, and even naked bulbs will be seen in abundance.

To offset the au natural feel, many brides will be seeking heavy, detail-laden fabrics.  Forget the traditional white table clothes.  The modern bride wants to give the table a literal feel.  Don’t be surprised to see tables covered in brocades, velvets, or other textured fabrics.  Ruffles will undoubtedly be present in abundance in many ceremonies and reception halls.

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