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Save Money on Your Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding

According to recent research, the average wedding, last year, cost more than thirty-five thousand dollars.  A single day’s event cost more than a brand-new car, more than a year’s worth of college tuition, more, even, than three years’ mortgage on a $200,000 house.  That is intimidating for most brides- and grooms-to-be.  The good news, though, is that you can plan a wedding that costs significantly less than $35,000.

Wedding and Honeymoon Combo You may believe that destination weddings are more expensive.  It is true that you have to factor in costs like travel, hotel, rental cars, etcetera.   However, if you choose a location – like Lake Tahoe – which has a lot to offer, it can serve as both wedding destination and honeymoon locale.  That means that you are only paying for the travel once, which you would have done if you had had your wedding at home, and your honeymoon elsewhere.  If you plan wisely, you can book yourself at an all-inclusive resort close to your wedding venue.  When the wedding is over, go back to your room and enjoy the honeymoon, with food and drinks included.

Fewer Guests = Less Expense Also, destination weddings often have smaller guest head counts.  The need to travel to the wedding venue will discourage some friends and family members, who don’t have the money to afford the travel, can’t get the vacation time from their employers, or who have other commitments that won’t allow them to get away.  While it may be disappointing that everyone doesn’t show, it will cost less to accommodate fewer people. You’ll spend less on catering, on wedding favors, on seating, tables, and even the wedding cake.

Start Stocking Up Travel Points If you or your spouse-to-be travel for work, then be sure to take advantage of reward points programs.  Even if you don’t travel, if you use the right credit card, you can build up travel points.  This can cut down on the expense related to flying to your destination wedding.  You may even be able to fly for free!

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