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What it Takes to Have a Wedding Like Gemstone Heiress

The news circling around the wedding of the Swarovski crystal heiress has painted a very dreamy picture that will surely inspire many brides-to-be.  Of course, for the average person, this sort of wedding would be out of reach.  But, if you are going to be married like an heiress, then you better be prepared to spend.

The Dress If your parents are the owners of Swarovski, you can be sure that your dress is going to have a whole lot of sparkle.  This heiress did not disappoint those who were excited to see what the dress would be.  The whole gown was covered in sparkling crystals, except for the translucent portions of the bodice, which showed a hint of well-tanned skin.  To be more precise, according to various reports, there were more than half a million of the glittering stones used to create the dress.  Estimates suggest that a gown made to match this one would cost approximately $1 million.  Congrats!  You’ve spent one million and you’ve only got the dress.  It’s going to take more than that to have a day worthy of an heiress.

The Rehearsal Make that two days!  Every bride and groom need a rehearsal dinner.  They have to prepare for the wedding day after all, so why not turn that into a celebration and yet another feast for the eyes.  The Swarovski heiress was happy to oblige, asking all guests to dress in red or black for the evening.  Yet another shimmer dress was selected by the bride.  It featured a plunging neckline and gave a playful glimpse of her long legs.

The Cake All of that dancing and celebration requires fuel.  Guests were treated to a five-tiered, monochromatic cake that was simply, but beautifully decorated with baby’s breath.

The Man Of course, none of this would have been worthwhile, if it hadn’t been for the man that she met at the end of the aisle.  The couple did not jump into marriage quickly.  They have been together for six years.  They both bring a great deal to the table in this union.  Her husband is a property mogul and successful businessman, who will likely be well-prepared to help the heiress, should she take an active role in the crystal business someday.

Now you know what it will take to wed like an heiress.  Are you up to the task?

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