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Why Choose a Lake Tahoe Wedding?

When it comes to picturesque views of both mountains and water in the backdrop of your wedding, there is no better destination than Lake Tahoe.

Getting a perfect destination for a wedding can be difficult and people have different ideas in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect place for it. You can have your toes in the sand or you can say “I Do” high on a mountaintop. You can be nestled amongst ancient pines or perched on the bow of a luxurious boat. No matter what the location in Tahoe, you’ll undoubtedly be surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty, breathtaking views, and scenic landscapes. There are various things that a couple needs to take into consideration when planning a Lake Tahoe wedding

Here are the things to take into consideration. 

The Importance of Location: Planning a destination wedding can be stressful and challenging. Why add to that frustration by planning a wedding in a faraway place like Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean? Lake Tahoe is a magical place and provides an unforgettable setting for a wedding of any size. A romantic elopement can be an excellent and stress-free option. You will also find Tahoe to be an affordable and convenient option for your guests. Tahoe is an ideal location for Northern Californians and for those traveling from farther away, you’ll be happy to know that the Reno/Tahoe International Airport is only a 1-hour drive from Lake Tahoe.

Guestlist size – It is important to keep your guest list in sync with the accommodation allowance of the venue. Burdening the location might be the crack on the whole event and you don’t want your wedding to be a hassle, right?

Accommodation – Always a good idea to confirm your South Tahoe accommodation when you book your venue for the wedding. If it is a lakeside wedding, making sure there is accommodation available for both families and the guests invited.

The majestic beauty of the place: The sparkling turquoise waters of the Lake below, the majestic snow-capped mountains floating above, Tahoe has it all. And with so many dramatic elements present, your wedding photographer will have no trouble creating dazzling pictures of your wedding day; memories that will amaze and inspire you for a lifetime.

Back-up plan for the weather – When you want nature to be the prop of your wedding, always have a backup for its unpredictable changes. Occasionally (mostly winter months) lakeside and mountain weddings can get affected by weather conditions and keeping a backup will help you in avoiding the hassle.

High Mountain Weddings does have a chapel we can use in case of weather. This chapel has a great view with comfort for 80 guests.

To get a professional wedding service for Lake Tahoe weddings, contact High Mountain Weddings. With years of experience in organizing dream weddings for couples, they are the best wedding planners to choose from. Their Lake Tahoe wedding package includes numerous things which are as follows:

Limousine: The company provides a two-hour limo ride in the luxurious limo. Their service helps couples fulfill their dream easily. The luxurious limo has the capacity to accommodate 6 people.

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