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Save Money with Faux Flowers

When planning a wedding, most brides-to-be will quickly find that the budget doesn’t go as far as they had thought it would.  Regardless of how much money you have to work with, you will undoubtedly find that you can’t get everything you want for your big day for that dollar amount.  That means making small changes to your plans in order to cut cost.  One way that many brides have really eased their budget burden is to invest in fake flowers.

Before you shake your head, consider the many reasons why a person can benefit from using fake flowers:

  1. They generally cost significantly less.
  2. Fake flowers are far more convincing than they ever were in the past.
  3. No worry about guests suffering allergy symptoms because of the blooms
  4. You can get the blooms that you want, even if they aren’t in season
  5. The blooms will last, so you can keep them and enjoy them after the wedding
  6. You can get them far in advance of the wedding, so there is no worry about poorly timed deliveries.

If you are still against the idea of fake flowers, but you really do need to cut costs, you might consider working with both real and fake for your wedding ceremony and reception.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Carry real flowers, but create table arrangements with faux flowers.
  2. Work a little of both into each bouquet and your guests will never know.
  3. Get the real deal for your primary blooms, but use fake flowers as fillers.

We’ve seen many beautiful bouquets made of fake flowers, as well as many that combine both real and fake.  If you can save money here while still getting a look that you love, it is entirely worthwhile.  After all, that means that you have more money to spend on other wedding elements.

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