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Get Guests Mingling with Fun, Funky Food and Drink Bars

If you are still trying to figure out the menu for your wedding reception, now might be a good time to point out that the most successful weddings are those that encourage mingling among the guests.  This is likely a big part of the reason why we have seen such a huge influx of food-truck-receptions.  Asking guests to get up, walk around, and check out their food options is a great way to encourage the mingling that makes the rest of the evening great fun.  If food trucks aren’t really your thing, consider recreating the feel with food and drink stations.  Check out these themed bar ideas that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect day:

Bloody Marys and Mimosas Bar Particularly for weddings hosted earlier in the day, this bar idea is a great one.  Really, though, it can be a great option at any time of the day.  Set out all that is needed to pour- and dress some of the best brunch beverages.  For the Bloody Mary’s, tabasco, fresh spices, olives, celery, and other such vegetable garnishes will create an adorable and interactive setting.  Mimosas are best dressed with citrus fruits, berries, or other such fruits

Build a Burger or a Dog Think of all of the amazing toppings that have been used to top these classic American foods.  Then, put them all together on one table, so guests can create their own fantastic feast.  Place side dish options on a separate table to keep the traffic flowing.

Wine and Cheese Tasting Bar You’ll probably want to staff this station, but just think about how many people love to go on wine tasting tours, and how you can recreate that experience at your wedding!

Salad Bar It’s a classic, for good reason.  The salad bar is a great way for everyone to get a meal (or at least a side to their meal) that suits their tastes.  You can do some fun research for this one, too, traveling to the various restaurants that offer salad bars, in order to get inspiration for your own.

Dessert Bar Not a big cake fan?  No worries.  These days, the classic wedding cake is often not present at wedding receptions.  In its place, many brides opt to serve cupcakes, donuts, ice cream, pit, or other such confections.  You can a little bit of everything tasty but creating a dessert bar.

This is just a start.  In this business, we have seen hundreds of wonderful and successful food and beverage bars. You might also consider how you can turn seafood, pizza, pancakes, s’mores, tea, coffee, and more of your favorites into mingling opportunities on your big day!

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