If you recently said yes to the proposal put forth by the person you love, then you have big news to share and you should definitely consider how you could share it in a creative way.  Though it was once custom to ask for the bride’s hand, not all couples are choosing to follow tradition, and they are having an awful lot of fun spilling their news to their parents.  You might consider one of these great ideas for telling them without coming right out and saying it.

There are many different bridal shower games detailed online these days.  You can certainly get very creative with your party activities (or your bridesmaids can, if they are planning for your shower).  But, there is one game, which is considered a classic by many women, and that can actually serve double duty – entertaining the guests of the shower, and helping you prepare for your big day.

RSVP cards have got to be one of the biggest frustrations of wedding planning.  You can make all of the arrangements, but if you don’t have a good headcount, you won’t have any idea how much of everything you will need.  The number of tables, chairs, plates, cups, and favors, for instance, needed can be impacted.  And, of course, there is the concern about catering and cake ordering.

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