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8 Reasons to Incorporate Feathers in Your Wedding Plans

If you are Planning your Wedding and trying to come up with great ways to create a beautiful and unique look for your big day, then you may want to consider feathers as an important element that can be worked through many areas.  Just consider these reasons why feathers can make your special day even more beautiful.

Make it Impactful Feathers in centerpieces often add an element of intrigue that captures the eye, but if you use larger feathers for the head table, you can create a piece that makes a big and immediate impact as well.

Soften the Look Many wedding venues have hard lines, cold floors, and start white tablecloths. Feathers can visually soften the space a great deal when used for centerpieces, chair backs, or in other areas in the room.

Coordinate with Flowers Beautifully Feathers make great bouquet fillers, providing another layer of interest in the bridal bouquet or in the table toppers in the banquet room.

Less Expensive than Flowers If budget is a concern, you’ll be happy to learn that you can get a large number of feathers fairly inexpensively, and certainly for less than you would spend on an equal number of fresh flowers.

Something for Everyone There are so many birds in the world who drop their feathers on a regular basis.  And, of course, there are the manmade varieties.  All of those colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes means that there is definitely a feather to fit every personality.

Create Whimsical Arches Wedding arches are very popular, as they help to define spaces and provide photographic backdrops.  When those arches are covered with fluffy feathers, they create a very soft and whimsical structure.

Better Define the Centerpiece You don’t have to place feathers upright in vases to create a gorgeous centerpiece.  Consider creating a soft bed of feathers upon which you can place your pillar candles, bouquets, or bowls of floating candles.

A Touch of Tradition Imagine how elegant it would be to have those in attendance sign the guest book with a classic feather quill and ink.  This would be one more way to keep the feather theme going, while providing a touch of Old World class.

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