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To Train or Not to Train?

The news of a record-breaking wedding gown has raised an interesting topic, one which we simply couldn’t overlook for the purpose of this blog.  First, though, let’s start with the story of Trish Peng.

If you are looking for an unconventional, though undeniably eye-catching, a gown for your upcoming wedding, then you may just want to consider the newest design by Peng.  Her brilliant red wedding gown is certainly garnering a lot of media attention.  Of course, that isn’t due to the bright and unexpected color, or because of the gorgeous, patterned material used to craft it.  The worldwide acclaim is due to the record-breaking train that the gown boasts.  If you hope to wear this gown or one of a similar nature, then you best ensure you choose a wedding venue that allows for a very long aisle.

The train required the coordinated efforts of four brilliant talents to bring Peng’s vision to reality.  That is, in large part, due to the fact that the gauzy train stretches an incredible 20 meters or approximately 651/2 feet.  Although most will consider this a modern gown for the simple fact that it is so bright in color, but the train certainly does not fit with the current trends.

This dress didn’t just spur on attention due to its absolute glamour factor, but also raised an interesting question – will the modern bride embrace the idea of a traditional train?  Although we assume most wouldn’t be daring enough to attempt to manage more than twenty yards of fabric, but would you consider a shorter version of Peng’s mastery?

Has Peng sold you on the romantic nature of a large train?  Would you wear something of such striking color and style?  Do you consider this a throwback to the Traditional Gowns of yesteryear or do you agree that only a modern audience would appreciate the ruby color?

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