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Removing Stains from Your Wedding Dress During the Wedding

As a bride, on the biggest day of your life, you are undoubtedly going to do everything possible to prevent stains on your gorgeous gown.  However, accidents do happen, and sometimes you simply aren’t in control of them.  An uncle coming to offer a last-minute hug may spill a drip of his drink.  An aunt offering her congratulations could get a bit of lipstick on your veil.  Whatever the cause, it is important that you not panic, but do take immediate action to correct the problem.  Over the years, wedding experts have developed many proven methods of removing stains.  Some of the most common are listed below.

Removing Red Wine

What You’ll Need:

  • White cotton cloth
  • White chalkboard chalk

This is likely one of the more common types of stains that brides suffer on their wedding days.  When the drink starts flowing, accidents are more likely to happen.  Fortunately, with a white cotton cloth, you can remove a lot of the problem.  Dampen the cloth, and then blot at the stain from the outer edges, working inward.  Once you have removed as much of it as possible, use the chalk to cover up the offending stain until you can take the dress off and have it professionally treated.

Important Note: There are special stain sticks marketed to remove such stains.  Some can be effective on some sorts of materials.  However, it is essential that you test these stain sticks on a hidden piece of the fabric, in order to ensure that they don’t cause worse staining.

Obliterating Oil

What You Will Need:

  • Baby Powder

The most important thing when trying to remove a grease or oil stain is to act fast.  Cover the stain with baby powder and allow it to sit for 15 minutes.  The powder will actually absorb a lot of the oil naturally.  After the allotted time has passed, brush the powder away.

Mop Up Makeup

What You Will Need:

  • Dish Soap
  • 2 White Cotton Cloths
  • White Chalkboard Chalk

Lipstick can cause a really stubborn stain.  The good news is that the grease-removing power of dish detergent has proven very effective at removing such issues.  The most important thing to note is that you must not rub the stain (which can cause it to embed further into the fabric and spread it).  Instead, place one white cotton cloth over the front of the stain. Use the other cloth to blot the underside of the stain with the dish detergent.  It can take several minutes, but this should remove the majority of the stain.  Whatever remains can be temporarily covered with white chalk.

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