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What is a Fight Box?

When planning a wedding, and preparing to make a future with someone special, the last things that you want to consider are the fights that you may have with that person in the future.  However, it is important to remember that life is not a fairytale, and while you may enjoy a very happy future together with the person you love, there is a very justified reason for the “better or worse” clause in the marriage vows. Life will not always be easy and there will be moments when your marriage will be tested.

With that in mind, many brides and grooms have started participating in a different type of unity ceremony at their weddings – the creation of a fight box.

The fight box is very aptly named, and is simply a box that is meant to help you restore peace to your relationship after a big fight.  The concept is rather simple.  You need a box, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and small finish nails that can be used to seal the box on your wedding day.

Each of you is to write a letter to your spouse-to-be, and to seal this in an envelope without the other person seeing it.  Much like a time capsule, the box holds onto those letters until you are ready to open the box.  The beauty of this is that you are generally feeling full of love as your wedding approaches, so it is a great time to write these letters.  Place the bottle of wine, the glasses, and the letters in the box, along with any other small and significant treasures you may want to enclose.

On the day of your wedding, during your ceremony, each of you is to wield a hammer.  Taking turns, hammer one nail at a time into the box to seal it, and make the promise that the box will be opened only when your relationship is being severely tested. When the box is opened, and the letters are read, it will be a time to remember the beautiful day that you spent together, and the things that made you love the person you married.

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