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A List of Lists: The Things You Should Be Tracking as a Bride-to-Be

There is much to keep track of when you are planning a wedding. At times, it can become overwhelming, but this is supposed to be your big day, a joyous experience, so don’t let it get the best of you.  The biggest tip provided by the professionals is to keep a binder, complete with section dividers and folder flaps, which will allow you to keep everything wedding-related in one place, including vendor contracts, important phone numbers, and, yes, the lists that will keep your thoughts organized.  Begin with these four lists:

The Guest List

Fairly early in the planning process, you and your spouse-to-be will have to take on the endeavor of putting together a guest list, so you can send out save-the-date cards and then the actual invitations.  Keep and treasure this list as you will have to reference it many times.  As the RSVP cards roll in, for instance, you it is best practice to go straight to your binder and to record the entry on that list, so you don’t mistakenly misplace one of the small cards.

The Gift List

Writing thank you notes is not a favorite hobby of most people.  Nevertheless, brides and grooms are recommended to do so, after the wedding, to thank guests for the thoughtful gifts received.  Therefore, it is important to make note of who sends what, so you know what you are saying thank you for.  It is also something that is fun to look back at years later.

The Vendor List

This list is an essential one.  There is nothing worse than arriving at the venue of choice on your wedding day, only to discover that one of the vendors had the date written down wrong and isn’t there.  Keep a list of the companies, the contact at each company, a phone number, address, the service provided, the cost, and any notes regarding timing discussed.

The To Do List

This is the list that will keep you most sane during your planning process. By breaking everything down, you will feel less overwhelmed.  Check things off as you accomplish them and keep addressing to-do items, one at a time.

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