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Wedding Planning: Food Bars Instead of Sit Down Meals, Part II

The ice cream bar and candy bar have certainly won mass acclaim, and have since been seen at a wide array of weddings throughout the country.  However, your food bar doesn’t have to be limited to sweets and dessert.  You can do full meals from individual food bars.  Think of it like a high-class cafeteria, with a wide variety of food options for those in attendance.

If you didn’t get enough inspiration from our last blog post, then perhaps you will like these food bar ideas even better!

A Taste of the Sea Seafood is something that guests will remember, but serve it on a table of ice and let them have their fill; your wedding will be the one to beat.  Consider options like cooked crab legs, shrimp, lobster rolls, and oysters.

The Oversized Olive Tray If you have an olive bar in your local grocery store, then you know just how tantalizing these foods can be.  Providing a selection of Mediterranean-inspired foods in that sort of presentation will have people mingling about it all night.  Olives, pickles, tapenade, crumbly cheeses, roasted red peppers, and stuffed hot peppers are just a few of the items that you could include.

Taco Bar If you love Tex-Mex, then you simply cannot beat this idea.  Provide your guests with a selection of hard shells, soft wraps, and tortilla bowls that they can fill with their favorite taco toppings.  Beef, chicken, stead, fish, salsa, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, black olives, beans, rice, sour cream and lettuce should provide you a very nice start to a taco bar Heaven.

Sushi Served Fresh and Cold Perhaps you’d like to skip the catered meal, but you might want to consider a sushi chef to fill the void.  A table covered with rolls and sashimi would certainly earn your day a bit of respect from your guests, especially if they can watch it being made.

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