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Wedding Planning: Food Bars Instead of Sit Down Meals

It has become increasingly popular to go against tradition when it comes to wedding reception meals.  Once upon a time, the sit down dinner was the only way to go, then there were buffet lines, but these days, brides and grooms are even more willing to switch it up.  Food trucks at receptions have become very trendy, but for those who don’t have a big supply of local food truck vendors, there is the option to have food bars.

What sort of bars would you choose to have?  Consider the following options.

The Fruit Stand Fresh fruit is wonderful for numerous reasons.  It can provide a source of hydration in the warmest months of the year, provide a splash of color to the venue, and provide healthy snacks as you and your guests party the night away.  We recommend serving your fruit intact, as opposed to cutting it up.  That way it will last several hours (or even days, if there are leftovers).

Crostini Bar Chips and toasted bread are fabulous, because they can be topped with such a wide array of dips.  Provide several of your favorite dips and plenty of the crostini, and let your guests nibble away.

Pizza Bar Pizza is an American classic, so dress it up a bit by serving crispy, hot, bubbling slices and a range of different toppings that can be added.

Mac and Cheese Station Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese?  Kids and adults alike will love this idea.  Mac and cheese on its own is wonderful, but when things like bacon, shredded parmesan, cooked broccoli, and sautéed mushrooms are available toppings, it simply can’t be beat.

The Deli Sandwiches are wonderful, easy, and inexpensive.  A sandwich bar is the best way to make this classic meal a sudden favorite.  This bar is best done on a round table, so guests can follow the circle about as they dress their sandwich.  Consider a few different types of rolls and bread, various cheeses, meats, veggies, pickles, olives, dressings, and whatever else you believe makes a sandwich great.

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