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Wedding Planning 101: The Wedding Binder, Part III

With your wedding binder coming together very nicely, there are only a few more tabs to consider, but they are very essential, so be sure that you aren’t overlooking the importance of keeping this information close at hand.

Stationary and Addresses There will be several pieces of stationary needed for your wedding.  Most brides-to-be send Save the Date cards, invitations, RSVP cards, and invitations to the bridal shower.  You might also send formal invitations to the bachelorette party, maps with directions for out-of-town guests, accommodations information, and registry information.  You may choose to have programs made for the ceremony.  All of these things can be organized in this section, with a copy of each, in case it is needed for reference.  This is also a good place to keep another copy of the guest list, but this one should include the physical addresses of each, so you have a master list when sending out a mailing.  It may also be a good idea to keep a phone number for each guest on hand, in case you are left scrambling for RSVPs, for instance.

Vendor Contact List This section will likely be very large.  We have seen many brides break the section up into individuals sections for each vendor.  You could do this with a different type of binder tab, so it is clear that they are all in the same vein. Included in this group, you should have information for your venue, caterer, bartender, DJ or band, florist, photographer, videographer, rental service (for chairs, tables, etc), and cake maker.  There are others that you might add, such as the company sending the food trucks or the person creating special centerpieces for your wedding.  Anyone that you are hiring to perform services for your wedding can be included here.  Along with information about the selections that you have made, there should be a business card with contact information, in case you have questions or concerns.

Inspiration Pages You are planning a wedding, and while it can feel bogged down by details at times, don’t forget that it is supposed to be fun.  Be sure that you are taking plenty of time to seek inspiration, to consider the beautiful elements that will make your wedding unique to you and your spouse-to-be.

Honeymoon After the big day is done, and you are officially a Mrs., it will be so wonderful to get away.  The planning phase is done, your big day was a success, and now you can sit back, relax, and bask in the knowledge that you are married.  The honeymoon section of the binder can be used to store the flight schedules, information on the special activities planned, contact information for the hotel where you are staying, and, perhaps, even the necessary tickets, booking documentation, and boarding passes.  Just be sure to guard that binder!

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