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The Bridal Shower Game That Can Help You Prepare For Your Wedding

There are many different bridal shower games detailed online these days.  You can certainly get very creative with your party activities (or your bridesmaids can, if they are planning for your shower).  But, there is one game, which is considered a classic by many women, and that can actually serve double duty – entertaining the guests of the shower, and helping you prepare for your big day.

The game is called “What’s In Your Purse?” and there are many versions of printouts available on the web.  We really like this game because the lists compiled as a way of awarding points to the shower guests would also be quite handy for the bride planning her ‘survival pack’ for her wedding day.  Just consider the items that are often included on these lists and think how valuable it would be to receive a perfect score on the day of your ceremony.

One Point Items

Keys, your phone, make-up, credit card, driver’s license, and a pen are often considered worth the fewest points, because most women will have them in their purses.  You should too.  You don’t want to find yourself locked out of your car or home.  You’ll want your phone, so you can contact friends and family before the ceremony.  Your driver’s license could even come in handy, if you do some after-hours partying at a local bar, where you are likely to be IDed.

Two Point Items

A snack, tissues, change, gum or mints might earn you extra points at a bridal shower, but they would certainly be valuable on your wedding day, in case you want to freshen your breath, feed your growling stomach, or wipe away the happy tears.

Four Point Items

These items are less frequently found in purses, but would be worthwhile considerations for your bridal survival pack.  They include hand sanitizer, lotion, perfume, deodorant, Band-Aids, ibuprofen, sunglasses, nail file, and a mirror.

Eight Point Items

These are the big point earners at the shower, and can certainly win you much more on your wedding day.  Don’t forget the umbrella, because you can’t always count on Mother Nature to play nice.  Also, consider a sewing kit, nail clippers, an extra pair of earrings, an iPod (because you might need to unwind before the ceremony), Q-tips, and nail polish.

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