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Helpful Tips for the Bride Who Orders Flowers Online

As with every other aspect of the retail market, there is growing trend of brides buying their wedding day flowers online, instead of purchasing them through a local brick and mortar store.

There can be advantages to buying flowers online.  You may find that you have access to a bigger selection, and also that you pay a much smaller fee.  However, there are also disadvantages.  One of the biggest is the lack of expert advice and guidance.  You’ll also, very likely, have to assemble the bouquets on your own.

If you are going to order flowers online, consider these tips:

  • Let Them Sit Order them so that they arrive a couple of days before the wedding. They are not going to come ready to display.  The blooms will need a couple of days to fully open.
  • Do Not Store Them in the Fridge We understand that common sense would dictate that if the florist refrigerates them, then you should as well. That is not the case.  Your fridge is not functioning at the same settings, and you might do more harm than good.  Instead, keep the stems in water and store them in a cool place, dry place.
  • Don’t Handle Them More than Necessary They are beautiful, and you are excited, but touching them too much can lead to premature browning.
  • Do a Trial Run Before you place the big order for your wedding, order a smaller selection so you can see exactly how they arrive, how long they take to open, and how long they last. This is also a great way to ensure you are getting flowers that have an off-putting smell or some other undesirable characteristic.
  • Order More than You Need You may be surprised at how many flowers it takes to create a beautiful centerpiece or bridal bouquet. Those extras might just come in handy.
  • Wrap The Bouquet as You Go Many professional florist will not use the florist tape until they have completed the full bouquet, but for a beginner, it is better practice to wrap the stems at intervals as you build. This will prevent the blooms from slipping out of your grip, and it also allows you to stop and take stock of how the bouquet is looking from various angles, so you can maintain a balance of color and shape.
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