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Five Great Ideas for Your Golf-Themed Wedding

You don’t have to get married at a golf course to be inspired by the sport.  If you and your spouse-to-be really enjoy golf outings together, or if you met on a golf course, then it may make the perfect theme for your big day.

Having a theme for your wedding will make the planning much simpler, and will help to ensure that you have a cohesive look to the event.  So, if you are considering including your love of golf in the festivities, consider taking it to the next level and centering the look of the day around the pastime.

There are several things that people think about when they picture a day on the course.  Of course, there are the clubs, balls, and flags, but there is also a stereotypical look that many golfers mimic on the course.

It may be the exact look that will make your spouse-to-be feel very dapper on the big day.  Argyle socks, light weight pants, collared polos, and flat golfers’ caps could be used as inspiration for the look worn by the groomsmen, for instance.  You probably don’t want to go so literal when outfitting the bridesmaids, but you could certainly use the colors seen at the golf course as inspiration.  There is the blue of the sky, the bright green of the fairways, and the light beige of sand traps.  That might just be the perfect color scheme for the big day.

The favors will be relatively easy as well.  Personalized golf balls and tees are easy to come by and can be very affordable.  A gift certificate good for a round of golf and a cart may even be a great way to thank the groomsmen for their part in the wedding ceremony.

While you may not get married at the course, you could certainly have a photoshoot there, if arrangements can be made.  Otherwise, you could recreate the look of a green, complete with hole and flag to serve as a backdrop for some of the photos.

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