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Save Money by Combining Wedding Expenses

There are so many expenses to consider when planning a wedding, and many that you won’t think about until they are suddenly thrust before you.  So, it is always wise to consider how you can cut costs or combine costs to cover more than one of your checklist items.

Today, we consider three expenses that you can combine into a single item that ensures that guests find their seat, enjoy their evening and leave with a memento that will always remind them of your special day.

Table Assignments There are a lot of ideas out there for showing people to their assigned seats at a wedding reception, but most of them require an investment of sorts.  Whether you are buying a new framed, bulletin board, folded and printed cards, or something unique to your design – there is expense to consider.

Favors This can actually be a relatively large wedding expense, when you figure that most weddings have 200-250 people invited, on average.  That is a lot of favors, and even at $1 apiece, it can be a big expense.  Most brides-to-be will find that finding favors that cost one dollar is difficult, or leaves them will less than they had wanted to achieve.

Glassware Unless the venue includes glasses in the priced package, you can expect to spend more to rent- or purchase glassware for your event.  That means another added expense.  And, because people have a tendency to set down their glasses and forget where they set them, you will need to rent- or buy more glasses than the number of people attending.

You can combine these three items into one, thereby saving money and some frustration.  There are many companies that are able to engrave barware these days, and you can buy glasses in bulk for a relatively small price.  So, buy a glass for each person attending (perhaps plastic cups for any kids who will join you in the celebration).  Have these engraved or painted with the person’s name and table number.  Display them on a table at the entrance to the reception venue, so people can take their glass, find their table, and use it throughout the evening. Take it, read it, use it, take it home.

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