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9 Things that You Should Do For Your Skin before Your Wedding

One of the greatest things a bride-to-be can do for herself is to take care of her skin.  Clean, clear skin makes us feel beautiful, and it is also beautifully showcased in wedding photography.  Therefore, we offer these tips to those of you who are preparing to walk down the aisle.

Plan in AdvanceYou will buy the dress months before the ceremony, and book the venue even earlier, so don’t put off your skin care until the last minute.  Start taking care of you a year in advance, or even earlier, if possible.

Book Those Facials While there is a lot that can be done to improve the health of your skin right at home, there are certainly advantages that come with seeing the pros.  They have the tools and experience needed to treat your skin in ways that you cannot.

Splurge on the Bottled Water Or don’t.  It doesn’t matter where you get your clean water from.  What does matter is that you drink plenty of it as you plan your wedding.  Your skin relies on proper hydration and will respond poorly when it doesn’t get enough of it.

Take a Bath We recommend that you take a bath for two reasons.  First, the bath will provide you time to relax and to let go of the stresses related to wedding planning.  Stress is bad for the skin and bad for the mind.  Secondly, adding bath salts to the water will help to break down the hard, dry patches of skin, so you can properly moisturize them.

Use Lip Balm Not just at the wedding, but use the lip treatment regularly, for months leading up to your wedding.  It will keep your lips soft and kissable.

Skip the Washcloth Before you go to bed in the evening, take the time to wash your face with a gentle cleanser.  But, skip the washcloth.  You don’t need it and rubbing too hard with a washcloth can cause more harm than good.  Instead, use your hands to apply the lather and to rinse it away.

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