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Wedding Dress Trends for Today’s Bride

While you want your look to stand apart from the crowd, and you want people to continue ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ about your dress long after you’ve walked down the aisle, there is reason to consider the current trends in wedding dresses.  You can consult them without getting a copy-cat look, and you may just find that they serve as great inspiration as you make up your mind about what you want in a wedding gown.

Give Me Room to Breathe One of the things that we have really noticed about brides these days is that they make wise choices about fabrics.  Rather that choosing a dress that is stiff, hot, and stifling, modern brides are opting for airy, light-weight fabrics.  The great part is that these gowns tend to move with the body, making them very flattering, and they also prevent the “I’m so hot, I think I may pass out” sensation.  Breathable gowns come in many shapes, shades, and styles, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find one that suits your desires.

Showing Some Skin Now, we’re not saying that you should aim to make your grandmother blush at the ceremony, but a little bit of sexy isn’t seen as a bad thing these days.  Off-the-shoulder gowns, or low-cut backs are particularly popular and very stunning.

Talk About Texture While breathable fabric may be the key to a comfortable evening of celebration, brides are not foregoing the embellishments in order to have it.  Dresses these days are really showing just how talented designers are, with blooms that literally pop off the dress, adding three-dimensional texture.

Two Looks in One While many brides have changed between ceremony and reception, some would rather not go through the hassle, so they are choosing dresses that transition from one venue to the other, thanks to detachable skirts.  From long and formal, to short and sexy, the bride can look and feel her best all night long.

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