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Making Your Wedding a Little Bit Sexy

If you are a modern bride, then you might find that your idea of the perfect wedding does not perfectly match the ideas of your mother or grandmother.  The current generation of young brides is more daring and more likely to celebrate the style of the individual than generations past may have been.  You can still embrace the traditions of the past, while letting a little bit of the contemporary sexiness into your ceremony.

A Peak Of Skin One of the most notable wedding dress trends of 2015 (and obviously moving into 2016) is the use of transparent fabrics for wedding gowns.  The idea is not to reveal everything, but just to give a glimpse of the skin beneath.  This could be a lace back on the gown, a sheer fabric that shows the silhouette of the legs, or might even be a low V-cut bodice.  The idea is to celebrate the female figure beneath the gown, rather than allowing yards of fabric to cover every inch.

Stilettos A classic dress can be given a touch of modern sexiness with the addition of stiletto heels.  Particularly at the time when the garter belt is to be removed, flashing a flexed calf and three inches of heel will certainly scream femininity.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Instead of the cake, or simply as a river running down the layers of frosting, chocolate covered strawberries are a beautiful wedding addition.  Not only are they tasty and sure to be enjoyed by guests, but there is something far more inviting about taking a nibble from a proffered sweet strawberry than wearing a face full of cake.

Sensual Music Every wedding should have a few slow songs, which invite couples to take to the dance floor.  So, take this opportunity to spice things up.  A slow song may be a reason to dance, but the choice of which slow song is played can really set the tone.  So, if you want to shed the long skirts during the reception, in favor of something a little more playful, and if you want to turn up the heat, just select those songs carefully.

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