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The Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

Deciding on gifts for the bridal party can be tricky.  Generally, the personalities that make up the group are not a perfect match for each other, and that means that you are stuck trying to find something that will appeal to a widely spread set of interests.  This can be particularly challenging when it comes to the guys in the wedding.  However, our best piece of advice is that you choose something that will continue to be useful long after the wedding reception has come to an end.  The first step in choosing the ideal ‘thank you’ gift is to figure out what the group of men have in common.

The Drinkers Collection There are many options for the groomsmen who enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage.  This list includes engraved flasks, unique shot glasses, and etched tumblers.  Any of these items can be served with a few mini bottles of booze to create a very desirable gift, which will last beyond the night of the wedding.

The Mile-Highers They might not be taking advantage of all airplane possibilities, but for the men who are frequent flyers, there are certainly a number of meaningful gifts that you can give.  Overnight, monogrammed bags, for instance, would undoubtedly be appreciated. Shaving kits, luggage tags, magazine subscriptions, or even fine leather wallets could be a good fit for this crew.

The Suit and Tie Guys For the daily office-goers, there are several appropriate gifts that will make the men think of you and your groom on a regular basis.  Consider the items that are most often worn and used in such a setting.  For example, you might consider cufflinks for those who are required to dress the part day in and day out. Really nice monogramed pens with holders, which can be displayed on desks could also be a wonderful gesture.

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