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Get Your Man Involved in the Wedding Planning

Very often, a man will pop the question, receive the desired response, and then happily take a backseat as wedding planning progresses.  While you might be more than pleased to make most of the decisions for the big day, you will, undoubtedly, find that you would like your man to be involved in some of the planning.  If you are having trouble getting him to attend fittings, tastings, and bridal shows, then you might have to revamp your thinking, focusing on the parts of the wedding that are most likely to appeal to him.

The Creative Soul If your husband-to-be is a person who loves to create and who has a good eye, then you might consider placing him on invitation duty.  Even if you don’t want to hand over full control of the invitation selection, you could undoubtedly get him involved, or even have him design save the date cards to be sent out to the intended guests.

The Number Cruncher If you have more trouble sticking to the numbers than he does, then put him in charge of the budget and make sure he keeps your spending under wraps.  For a man who enjoys crunching numbers, this is a great task, because it keeps him involved and also prevents you entering into marriage with significant wedding debt.

Always in a Tool Belt The handymen are always welcomed members of the wedding planning party. When it is building a temporary stage, arches to walk through, or a cake stand, there will certainly be pieces of the puzzle that he will be well-suited to address.

Met Him on a Dance Floor The men who know how to move, and who have a strong appreciation for music will probably be very willing to get involved when it comes time to choose a band or DJ.  So, hand over control and let him have his way.  You will both feel good when he gets to put his two cents in.

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