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Consider This Before Planning a Weekday Wedding

By and large, Saturday is the most popular day to host a your big event, whether you’re having a Lake Tahoe wedding or a ceremony somewhere else. However, this obviously isn’t the only day of the week available. While Friday and Sunday are the next best options for most people, that still leaves Monday through Thursday as possible contenders. Whatever your reasons for considering this non-traditional days, consider these factors before setting your weekday wedding date.

  1. Your guest list might be smaller. Most people work during the week, and they may not be able to get the time off for a weekday wedding. While many of your loved ones will be able to make the necessary accommodations, some won’t, and it wouldn’t be fair to be upset with them.
  2. Special thank-yous to those who do make it. For the guests that do make it, and particularly those that have to travel, be sure to show them how much you appreciate it. Welcome them with a special meal or a nice goody bag waiting for them at their hotel room.
  3. Your guests may not be up for partying late into the night. If you’re wanting to pull an all-night party session at your reception, you may want to think again. It’s likely some of your guests will have to return to work early the next morning and may decide to leave early.
  4. People might think it’s a little strange. Not everyone is going to be on board with something viewed as non-traditional, and you may get a few comments about it. While most of these probably aren’t intended to be hurtful, this is usually a stressful and emotional time in a couple’s life, and it may be easy to take offense. Take a deep breath, remember that you picked the day for a reason, and brush it off.
  5. You might score some killer discounts. Since weekday weddings aren’t most people’s first choice, there’s a chance you could enjoy some deep discounts by celebrating your love on a Monday through Thursday. Don’t forget to ask what deals are available!
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