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Reasons Why Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe Is an ideal Wedding Destination

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world. From mountain-top peaks to meadows of wildflowers it affords a variety of gorgeous wedding location options across California. Lake Tahoe Weddings are considerably aesthetic and appealing. The wedding usually takes place in a secluded area that towers over 300 feet above the lake along with a heavenly view and experience for the couples exchanging their vows. If you are looking for a wedding location, then Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe Weddings and South Lake Tahoe are excellent available choices in Lake Tahoe. 

Emerald Bay weddings

Importance of Emerald bay Tahoe Weddings

Tahoe Weddings adds a magical experience to the best day of your life, no matter which season you choose to get hitched. Moreover, be it an intimate forest wedding or huge and dramatic gala weddings on the beach, South Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay guarantee breathtaking and stunning picture-perfect backgrounds for the most important day of you and your partners’ life. In this blog, we have mentioned valuable information and factors that can help you conclude why Lake Tahoe is the perfect destination for your wedding day. So without further ado, let us explore this article

Emerald Bay Tahoe Wedding 

Emerald Bay is situated on the west side of Lake Tahoe, about a 30 minutes scenic drive from South Lake Tahoe. It is one of the most renowned

with extraordinary beauty and a romantic appeal. The magnificent look of the sierra mountains surrounds the water body and has a shoreline circumference of about 72 miles. This immeasurable view creates an impressive and fantastic backdrop for your wedding photographs. 

Besides offering an astounding wedding location, Emerald Bay is quite famous among hikers and sightseers. At times, due to tourist popularity parking can be extremely difficult and limited in some areas especially during summer seasons. However, if you and your family and friends are not able to arrive at the ceremony site in one vehicle, then you must consider taking limousine or shuttle transportation services. You can also book local transporters for the same who can provide transportation capacity up to 18 passengers in one go. 

Picturesque Year Around

Lake Tahoe is one of the most photographed locations in the world. Irrespective of the seasons you can get magnificent and beautiful picturesque views all year round. In summers, you can enjoy the awestruck view with the sunshine and mid-70 degree weather. Your wedding pictures are likely to be most eye-catching and splendid in the months of summer. Moreover, you can also enjoy huge beach wedding parties without worrying about harsh climatic conditions. During fall there is nothing like Weddings in Tahoe. Myriads of colors such as rich red, yellow, and brown glisten off the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. This beautiful scenery adds up to the perfect destination for a fall wedding, one that you and your partner will always cherish. 

For many reasons fall is the best time of the year for your wedding photographs. You can have your own themed wedding planned on Lake Tahoe. Even though it is colder than summer weddings, fall seasons create venues full of colored leaves in the background for a dream-like wedding ceremony. And lastly, for winters, there are chances you may get caught in a snowstorm, however, the gorgeous snow-capped trees and mountains offer a majestic backdrop for your Tahoe wedding pictures. 


Accommodate Your Wedding Guest 

Lake Tahoe is known for attracting tourists from all over the world. With its increasing popularity, Lake Tahoe has many site-seeing facilities. You can enjoy your Tahoe wedding days by boating around the delightful view of the large lake with your guests and family members. You can also enjoy pool and beach parties, during summers. And for winters you can enjoy sleek mountains for skiing and snowboarding. Moving ahead there are around 1000 resorts and hotels in Lake Tahoe that have plenty of comfortable and affordable accommodations options for your guests and family members. 

Tahoe weddings are much more than their aesthetic destination and romantic vibes. You can enjoy a fun and adventurous gateway along with all your guests and loved ones. If you are looking for more than wedding ceremonies and wish to make memories that last a lifetime, then Lake Tahoe Wedding is all you need. 


The Best Ceremony Venues in South Lake Tahoe 

South Lake Tahoe is known as a National Natural Landmark and is perfect for weddings. With the scenic beauty of natural landmarks, South Lake Tahoe becomes a great location for a wedding and some couple of pictures. Below we have mentioned top spots in South Lake Tahoe that you must consider for your wedding venues. 


Edgewood Tahoe 

At Edgewood Tahoe clubhouse, you can enjoy banquet facilities and can also accommodate groups of 100-250 guests. You can enjoy the view over the lake from 20 yards. It further offers calm and peaceful locations, definitely top on the list for private and intimate weddings.  


Valhalla at Lake Tahoe 

Valhalla’s grand hall is known for its magnificent indoor fireplace and unique south shore locations for weddings and other related functions. The location combines old Tahoe charm with incredible lake views that provide perfect picturesque weddings. You need not worry about climate conditions with their grand hall facilities and can take advantage of the same.


Zephyr Cove Resort and Regan beach 

Both Zephyr Cove Resort and Regan Beach offer the ultimate beach wedding experience and facilities all year round. You can enjoy the most romantic wedding setting at both venues. At Zephyr Cove Resort, couples can exchange vows on the beach or onboard a padded-wheeler with the sunset option.


At High Mountains Wedding, we make sure to offer our customers a stress-free and classy wedding package for all seasons along with an incredible photography experience. Our wedding packages include all the facilities that are needed to make your wedding the best day of your life. 

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