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Aloe Succulent Plant

Wedding Planning: Finding Inspiration in Nature, Part II

In the previous blog post, we wrote a bit about how nature can inspire wedding plans.  The birch tree and the cherry blossom were both mentioned for their great potential for serving in such a role.  However, they are hardly the only sources of inspiration that you can find when wandering outdoors. So, here, we will provide three more examples that might just get your ball rolling as you plan your big day.

Autumn Foliage Fascination If you haven’t yet seen the hills when they look as though they are glowing from within, then you have definitely missed out.  Fall foliage is simply stunning in the northern regions of this country.  Yellows, golds, oranges, and rusty reds are brilliant when paired together, in homage of nature.  You could certainly recreate this look by combining the colors in your own wedding décor and attire.  Natural or synthetic leaves could be scattered on table tops and even tossed by the flower girl, in the place of petals.  Consider items made of natural wood, which would play nicely with this theme, including serving spoons, tables, and chairs.

Succulent Gardens A cactus carries its own form of beauty.  These and other succulents have really earned a great deal of attention in recent years.  The muted greens, purple-pinks and off-whites are perfect for wedding colors.  Furthermore, caring for these plants is rather simple.  A collection of them at the center of each table will be beautiful, and the miniature plants can be handed out as favors at the end of the night.

Running Water Rivers, brooks and streams can really instill peace in those willing to sit and admire them.  They speak to nearly all the senses, with their own sound, smell, and gorgeous surroundings.  They even provide life giving hydration to millions around the world.  So, they are certainly a worthwhile inspiration.  River rocks can be used in a myriad of ways when creating the décor for ceremony and reception.  Blues, grays, and whites will create a very flattering color scheme for the bridal party.  And, the wild flowers that grow on river banks can be used to craft gorgeous bouquets.

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