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Wedding Planning: Finding Inspiration in Nature, Part I

When laying out a new décor, very often interior decorators will recommend choosing one favorite piece and designing the entire room around that item.  For instance, a beloved area rug can be used to select the right style of furniture and the perfect colors of paint.

In a similar fashion, you can plan your entire wedding around a single item, if you so desire.  This will help you keep your vision focused and may just produce the exact look that suits your personality.  When brides are having a hard time making decisions about their big days, we often recommend a walk in nature.  Why?  Because there is a lot of inspiration to be found out there.

Birch Tree Weddings This is a great example of being inspired by nature.  Today, you can find a large number of items on the market – everything from drinkware to wall murals – which have all been designed with this particular tree in mind.  So, if you love birch trees, bring them to life at your wedding.  Bright greens, like the leaves that grow on their branches, as well as the whites and grays from their trunks can provide a great color scheme.  You can use hollowed out braches as vases, find birch-inspired patterns on plates, napkins, and even table clothes.  Bring in as much or as little as you like, but allow this inspiration to keep you focused on creating your dream wedding.

Cherry Blossom Inspiration Here is another piece of nature that has been used as the center of many festivities.  In fact, there are even festivals dedicated to the special blossoms.  So, why not bring them into your wedding plans? The various shades of pink and off-white will really create a very soft and inviting color theme for your big day.  The deep grays and browns can be a counter balance, and serve to direct the choices for the men’s attire.  Cherry blossom petals could be tossed by the flower girl, and the tiny blooms would look beautiful floating in backlit water as centerpieces.

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