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Two couples serving themselves at ship's buffet line in dining room

5 Cons of Buffet Dinners

In the last blog post, we wrote a bit about the advantages of having a buffet at your wedding.  However, there are reasons why some avoid that style of meal on their big day.  So, it is only fair that we now mention some of the disadvantages.

#1. Space Sucker.It’s true that, no matter how well you arrange it, the buffet table is going to claim a lot of real estate within the reception space.  You can move it away after the meal, but if the room is too small, it can be difficult for guests to get up from their tables and wind their way around the food table.  So, this decision really should factor in the shape and size of your venue.

#2. Some People Hate Lines.While you may try to avoid them, by allowing one table through the buffet at a time, there is still bound to be a small wait.  Some people simply do not handle that well, and if you have a family full of those folks, then the buffet may be a bad idea.

#3. Expectations of Older Generations.While buffets are quite common and very acceptable to younger generations, they were once frowned upon.  Very likely, that sentiment may still be lingering in the minds of your older relatives.  Though you should do what makes you happy on your wedding day, you should be aware that many grandparents and even some parents will not look fondly upon a buffet table.

#4. Portion Control.It is much more difficult to control the portions consumed by each guest when serving in the form of a buffet.  You can’t risk running out of food before everyone has gotten some.  That can make it difficult to decide how much food to order, though your caterer should be able to help you resolve this issue.

#5. Interruptions.It can take a long time for each and every guest to go through the buffet line once.  So, very often toasts and speeches will begin shortly thereafter.  While you want guests to feel comfortable going back for seconds, you must consider how you will feel if that is happening at the same time as your maid of honor is presenting her speech.

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