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5 Pros of Buffet Dinners

There is a lot of talk about which is the best way to serve dinner at a wedding.  We have seen both sit-down dinners and buffets pulled off perfectly.  We’ve also seen both fall a little flat.  It really depends on the desires of the bride and groom.  As you debate which is best for your big day, consider these five advantages of a buffet dinner.

#1. Variety.Few can argue this point.  The buffet is great because everyone can taste-test.  They don’t have to feel locked into the meal that they selected ahead of time, or have regrets when they see the tasty selection someone else made.  With a buffet, they have the freedom to try a few bites of everything.

#2. Budget Friendly. Buffets are also great because they don’t rely on a large wait staff.  That means less expense out of your pocket.  When working on a tight wedding budget, every dollar saved is an important one.  For this reason, many brides do opt for the buffet-style dinner.

#3. Mingling.When guests are trapped at their tables throughout the meal, they only interact with those at their tables, but when they get up to go to a buffet, they will chat with others in line.  That means there is more mingling taking place, and new relationships blooming.  This could serve to break the tension when the dance floor is revealed.

#4. Design Possibilities.Another table, the buffet table, means more space to decorate.  Brides are doing beautiful things with buffet tables today.  It provides another surface to bring light into the space or another colorful bouquet.

#5. Portion Friendly.Some guests won’t eat much at all.  Others will still be hungry after the first plate.  A buffet allows everyone in attendance to eat their fill, without as much waste on the plates of light-eaters.

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